Chart version: 1.4.0-1
Api version: v1
App version: 1.4.0
A Helm chart for the deployment of WSO2 Open Banking Pattern 1 ...
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helm repo add center
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helm install simplified-ob-pattern-1 center/wso2/simplified-ob-pattern-1
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Helm Chart for deployment of WSO2 Open Banking API Manager with WSO2 Open Banking Key Manager

WSO2 Open Banking Deployment Pattern 1

Table of Contents

  • Prerequisites
  • Quick Start Guide


  • In order to use WSO2 Open Banking Helm resources, you need an active WSO2 Open Banking subscription. If you do not possess an active WSO2 Open Banking subscription already, you can contact us from here.

  • Install Git, Helm (and Tiller) and Kubernetes client (compatible with v1.10) to run the steps provided in the following quick start guide.

  • An already setup Kubernetes cluster.

  • Install NGINX Ingress Controller using the following command:

    helm install stable/nginx-ingress --name nginx-wso2ob --set rbac.create=true --set controller.extraArgs.enable-ssl-passthrough=""

Quick Start Guide

In the context of this document,
* HELM_HOME refers to the local copy of the wso2/kubernetes-open-banking Git repository.

1. Clone Kubernetes Resources for WSO2 Open Banking Git repository

git clone

2. Provide Configurations

a. The default product configurations are in the <HELM_HOME>/ob-pattern-1/confs folder. Change the configurations as required.

b. Open the <HELM_HOME>/ob-pattern-1/values.yaml file and configure the following propeties:

Parameter Description
subscription.username Your WSO2 username
subscription.password Your WSO2 password
spec Your Open Banking Specification (UK/Berlin)
namespace Kubernetes Namespace in which the resources are deployed
svcaccount Kubernetes Service Account in the namespace to which the product instance pods are attached

3. Deploy WSO2 Open Banking

helm install --dep-up --name <RELEASE_NAME> <HELM_HOME>/ob-pattern-1 --namespace <NAMESPACE>

4. Access Product Management Consoles

a. Obtain the external IP (EXTERNAL-IP) of the Ingress resources by listing down the Kubernetes Ingresses:

  kubectl get ing --namespace <NAMESPACE>


NAME                                             HOSTS                        ADDRESS        PORTS     AGE
wso2ob-pattern-1-obam-gateway-ingress          wso2-obam-gateway           <EXTERNAL-IP>    80, 443     7m
wso2ob-pattern-1-obam-ingress                  wso2-obam                   <EXTERNAL-IP>    80, 443     7m
wso2ob-pattern-1-obkm-ingress                  wso2-obkm                   <EXTERNAL-IP>    80, 443     7m

b. Add the above host as an entry in the /etc/hosts file as follows:

  <EXTERNAL-IP>	wso2-obam-gateway
  <EXTERNAL-IP>	wso2-obam
  <EXTERNAL-IP>	wso2-obkm

c. Try navigating to https://wso2obam/carbon,https://wso2obkm/carbon from your browser.

5. Follow the documentation to use WSO2 Open Banking

a. To deploy APIs * Deploying APIs for UK * Deploying APIs for Berlin

b. To try out the solution: * Try Out WSO2 Open Banking UK * Try Out WSO2 Open Banking Berlin

For more information, see WSO2 Open Banking documentation.