Chart version: 0.2.10
Api version: v1
App version: 4.4.1
Weblate is a free web-based translation management system.
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
Install Chart:
helm install weblate center/weblate/weblate
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Weblate is a free web-based translation management system.

Current chart version is 0.2.10

Source code can be found here


$ helm repo add weblate https://helm.weblate.org
$ helm install my-release weblate/weblate

Chart Requirements

Repository Name Version
https://charts.bitnami.com/bitnami postgresql 8.9.4
https://charts.bitnami.com/bitnami redis 10.6.12

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
adminEmail string "" Email of Admin Account
adminPassword string "" Password of Admin Account
adminUser string "" Name of Admin Account
affinity object {}
allowedHosts string "*" Hosts that are allowed to connect
configOverride string "" Config override. See https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/admin/install/docker.html#custom-configuration-files
debug string "0" Enable debugging
defaultFromEmail string "" From email for outgoing emails
emailHost string "" Host for sending emails
emailPassword string "" Password for sending emails
emailPort int 587 Port for sending emails
emailSSL bool true Use SSL when sending emails
emailTLS bool true Use TLS when sending emails
emailUser string "" User name for sending emails
extraConfig object {} Additional (environment) configs. See https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/admin/install/docker.html#docker-environment
fullnameOverride string ""
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
image.repository string "weblate/weblate"
image.tag string "4.4.1-1"
imagePullSecrets list []
ingress.annotations object {}
ingress.enabled bool false
ingress.hosts[0].host string "chart-example.local"
ingress.hosts[0].paths list []
ingress.tls list []
nameOverride string ""
nodeSelector object {}
persistence.accessMode string "ReadWriteOnce"
persistence.enabled bool true
persistence.existingClaim string "" Use an existing volume claim
persistence.filestore_dir string "/app/data"
persistence.size string "10Gi"
podSecurityContext.fsGroup int 1000
postgresql.enabled bool true
postgresql.postgresqlDatabase string "weblate"
postgresql.postgresqlHost string None External postgres database endpoint, to be used if postgresql.enabled == false
postgresql.postgresqlPassword string "weblate"
postgresql.service.port int 5432
redis.cluster.enabled bool false
redis.db int 1
redis.enabled bool true
redis.password string "weblate"
redis.redisHost string None External redis database endpoint, to be used if redis.enabled == false
replicaCount int 1
resources object {}
securityContext object {}
serverEmail string "" Sender for outgoing emails
service.port int 80
service.type string "ClusterIP"
serviceAccount.create bool true
serviceAccount.name string nil
siteDomain string "chart-example.local" Site domain
siteTitle string "Weblate"
tolerations list []
updateStrategy string "Recreate"