Chart version: 1.2.9
Api version: v1
App version: 1.2.4
Wavefront Collector for Kubernetes
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Set me up:
helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
Install Chart:
helm install wavefront center/wavefront/wavefront
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Wavefront Collector for Kubernetes

Wavefront is a cloud-native monitoring and analytics platform that provides three dimensional microservices observability with metrics, histograms and OpenTracing-compatible distributed tracing.


This chart will deploy the Wavefront Collector for Kubernetes and Wavefront Proxy to your Kubernetes cluster. You can use this chart to install multiple Wavefront Proxy releases, though only one Wavefront Collector for Kubernetes per cluster should be used.

You can learn more about the Wavefront and Kubernetes integration here


Helm 2

helm install wavefront/wavefront --name wavefront --namespace wavefront \
    --set clusterName=<K8s-CLUSTER-NAME> \
    --set wavefront.url=https://<YOUR_CLUSTER>.wavefront.com \
    --set wavefront.token=<YOUR_API_TOKEN>

Helm 3+

If not already done, create a namespace to install this chart

kubectl create namespace wavefront

helm install wavefront wavefront/wavefront --namespace wavefront \
    --set clusterName=<K8s-CLUSTER-NAME> \
    --set wavefront.url=https://<YOUR_CLUSTER>.wavefront.com \
    --set wavefront.token=<YOUR_API_TOKEN>


The values.yaml file contains information about all configuration options for this chart.

The requried options are clusterName, wavefront.url and wavefront.token. You will need to provide values for those options for a successful installation of the chart.


The following tables lists the configurable parameters of the Wavefront chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
clusterName Unique name for the Kubernetes cluster KUBERNETES_CLUSTER_NAME
wavefront.url Wavefront URL for your cluster https://YOUR_CLUSTER.wavefront.com
wavefront.token Wavefront API Token YOUR_API_TOKEN
collector.enabled Setup and enable the Wavefront collector to gather metrics true
collector.image.repository Wavefront collector image registry and name wavefronthq/wavefront-kubernetes-collector
collector.image.tag Wavefront collector image tag {TAG_NAME}
colletor.image.pullPolicy Wavefront collector image pull policy IfNotPresent
collector.useDaemonset Use Wavefront collector in Daemonset mode true
collector.maxProx Max number of CPU cores that can be used (< 1 for default) 0
collector.logLevel Min logging level (info, debug, trace) info
collector.interval Default metrics collection interval 60s
collector.flushInterval How often to force a metrics flush 10s
collector.sinkDelay Timout for exporting data 10s
collector.useReadOnlyPort Use un-authenticated port for kubelet false
collector.useProxy Use a Wavefront Proxy to send metrics through true
collector.proxyAddress Non-default Wavefront Proxy address to use, should only be set when proxy.enabled is false nil
collector.apiServerMetrics Collect metrics about Kubernetes API server false
collector.kubernetesState Collect metrics about Kubernetes resource states see more true
collector.filters Filters to apply towards all collected metrics See values.yaml
collector.tags Map of tags (key/value) to add to all metrics collected nil
collector.discovery.enabled Rules based and Prometheus endpoints auto-discovery true
collector.discovery.annotationPrefix Replaces prometheus.io as prefix for annotations of auto-discovered Prometheus endpoints prometheus.io
collector.discovery.enableRuntimeConfigs Enable runtime discovery rules see more false
collector.discovery.config Configuration for rules based auto-discovery see more nil
collector.resources CPU/Memory resource requests/limits CPU: 200m/200m, Memory: 10Mi/256Mi
proxy.enabled Setup and enable Wavefront proxy to send metrics through true
proxy.image.repository Wavefront proxy image registry and name wavefronthq/proxy
proxy.image.tag Wavefront proxy image tag {TAG_NAME}
proxy.image.pullPolicy Wavefront proxy image pull policy IfNotPresent
proxy.replicas Replicas to deploy for Wavefront proxy (usually 1) 1
proxy.port Primary port for Wavefront data format metrics 2878
proxy.tracePort Port for distributed tracing data (usually 30000) nil
proxy.jaegerPort Port for Jaeger format distributed tracing data (usually 30001) nil
proxy.traceJaegerHttpListenerPort Port for Jaeger Thrift format data (usually 30080) nil
proxy.zipkinPort Port for Zipkin format distribued tracing data (usually 9411) nil
proxy.traceSamplingRate Distributed tracing data sampling rate (0 to 1) nil
proxy.traceSamplingDuration When set to greater than 0, spans that exceed this duration will force trace to be sampled (ms) nil
proxy.traceJaegerApplicationName Custom application name for traces received on Jaeger’s traceJaegerListenerPorts or traceJaegerHttpListenerPorts. nil
proxy.traceZipkinApplicationName Custom application name for traces received on Zipkin’s traceZipkinListenerPorts. nil
proxy.histogramPort Port for histogram distribution format data (usually 40000) nil
proxy.histogramMinutePort Port to accumulate 1-minute based histograms on Wavefront data format (usually 40001) nil
proxy.histogramHourPort Port to accumulate 1-hour based histograms on Wavefront data format (usually 40002) nil
proxy.histogramDayPort Port to accumulate 1-day based histograms on Wavefront data format (usually 40003) nil
proxy.deltaCounterPort Port to accumulate 1-minute delta counters on Wavefront data format (usually 50000) nil
proxy.args Additional Wavefront proxy properties to be passed as command line arguments in the --<property_name> <value> format. Multiple properties can be specified. See more nil
proxy.heap Wavefront proxy Java heap maximum usage (java -Xmx command line option) nil
proxy.preprocessor.rules.yaml YAML configuraiton for Wavefront proxy preprocessor rules. See more nil
rbac.create Create RBAC resources true
serviceAccount.create Create Wavefront service account true
serviceAccount.name Name of Wavefront service account nil
kubeStateMetrics.enabled Setup and enable Kube State Metrics for collection false
projectPacific.enabled Enable and create role binding for Tanzu kubernetes cluster false


Upgrading from 1.0

Openshift support has been removed from the helm chart. Use the Wavefront Openshift operator available here instead.

The collector.kubernetesSource parameter has been replaced with the collector.useReadOnlyPort option.