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Chart version: 0.1
Api version: v1
App version: 0.1
A Helm chart for Volcano
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install volcano center/volcano/volcano
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Volcano is a batch system built on Kubernetes. It provides a suite of mechanisms currently missing from Kubernetes that are commonly required by many classes of batch & elastic workload including:

  1. machine learning/deep learning,
  2. bioinformatics/genomics, and
  3. other “big data” applications.


This chart bootstraps volcano components like controller, scheduler and admission controller deployments using Helm package manager.


  • Kubernetes 1.13+ with CRD support

Installing Chart

To install the chart with the release name volcano-release:

$ helm repo add volcano-sh
$ helm install --name volcano-release volcano-sh/volcano

This command deploys volcano in kubernetes cluster with default configuration. The configuration section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.

Uninstalling the Chart

$ helm delete volcano-release --purge


The following are the list configurable parameters of Volcano Chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default Value
basic.image_tag_version Docker image version Tag latest
basic.controller_image_name Controller Docker Image Name volcanosh/vc-controllers
basic.scheduler_image_name Scheduler Docker Image Name volcanosh/vc-scheduler
basic.admission_image_name Admission Controller Image Name volcanosh/vc-admission
basic.admission_secret_name Volcano Admission Secret Name volcano-admission-secret
basic.scheduler_config_file Configuration File name for Scheduler kube-batch.conf
basic.image_pull_secret Image Pull Secret ""
basic.image_pull_policy Image Pull Policy IfNotPresent
basic.admission_app_name Admission Controller App Name volcano-admission
basic.controller_app_name Controller App Name volcano-controller
basic.scheduler_app_name Scheduler App Name volcano-scheduler

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install. For example,

$ helm install --name volcano-release --set basic.image_pull_policy=Always volcano/volcano

The above command set image pull policy to Always, so docker image will be pulled each time.

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

$ helm install --name volcano-release -f values.yaml volcano/volcano

Tip: You can use the default values.yaml