Chart version: 0.1.2
Api version: v2
App version: dev
VolantMQ mqtt broker
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
Install Chart:
helm install volantmq center/volantmq/volantmq
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VolantMQ helm chart

VolantMQ mqtt broker

Current chart version is 0.1.0

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
config string config The VolantMQ config (for more detailed click config related info here )
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Image repository pull policy
image.registry string "docker.io" URL to registry
image.repository string "volantmq/volantmq" Image repository name
image.tag string "v0.4.0-rc.6" Image repository tag
ingress.annotations object {} Custom annotations for the ingress (e.g ingress.class )
ingress.enabled bool false Enable Ingress Object
ingress.extraPaths list [] Extra paths to prepend to every host configuration. This is useful when working with annotation based services.
ingress.hosts list ["chart-example.local"] Ingress accepted hostnames
ingress.labels object {} Custom ingress lavels
ingress.path string "/" Ingress accepted path
ingress.tls list []
livenessProbe.enable bool false Enabling Readiness Probe
livenessProbe.initialDelay int 30 Intial Delay to take in account
livenessProbe.timeout int 1 Define custom timeout
metrics.enabled bool false Enable Service Metrics
metrics.serviceMonitor.enabled bool true Enable Service Monitor
metrics.serviceMonitor.interval string "3s" fallback to the prometheus default unless specified
metrics.serviceMonitor.namespace string "prometheus" Specify a namespace if needed
metrics.serviceMonitor.selector.release string "prometheus-operator" prometheus operator release
persistence.accessMode string "ReadWriteOnce" Define preferred access mode
persistence.annotations object {} Define PV annotations
persistence.enabled bool true Enable Persisting data to a persistent volume
persistence.size string "8Gi" Define volume claim size(default 8GB)
readinessProbe.enable bool true Enabling Readiness Probe
readinessProbe.initialDelay int 30 Intial Delay to take in account
readinessProbe.interval int 60 Readiness check interval
readinessProbe.timeout int 3 Define custom timeout
service.annotations object {} Kubernetes Service annotations
service.clusterIP string "None" Kubernetes clusterIp if any
service.externalIPs list [] Kubernetes Service externalIps
service.labels object {} Kubernetes Service lavels
service.loadBalancerIP string "" Kubernetes Service LoadBalancerIp
service.loadBalancerSourceRanges list [] Kubernetes Service Load Balancer source Range
service.port int 1883 Kubernetes Service port
service.publishNotReadyAddresses bool false Kubernetes Service publishNotReadyAddresses
service.type string "ClusterIP" Kubernetes Service type
serviceAccount.create bool false Specifies whether a ServiceAccount should be created
serviceAccount.name string nil The name of the ServiceAccount to use.
testFramework.enabled bool true Enable Test Framework
testFramework.image string "bats/bats" Image to be used for testing of the chart
testFramework.securityContext object {} define securityContext object if any
testFramework.tag string "v1.1.0" Image Tag for the test framework