Chart version: 0.1.1
Api version: v2
App version: v1.12.4
A Helm chart to deploy matrix synapse server.
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install synapse center/sudermanjr/synapse
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A Helm chart to deploy matrix synapse server.

Current chart version is 0.1.0

Source code can be found here

Generating values for keys

You can generate your own keys using the script here.


This will run a synapse docker container locally that generates an example config and all the keys.

Testing and development

If you have a local cluster (I use kind), then you can install a local version of the chart using a postgres container like so:

kubectl create ns synapse
helm upgrade --namespace synapse --install synapse . --set postgres.localDev.enabled=true --set postgres.init.enabled=true

This will create a postgres database, initialize the matrix database, and run the synapse server. You can then access it by port-forwarding:

kubectl -n synapse port-forward svc/synapse 8080:80

Then browse to [http://localhost:8080](http://localhost:8080] in your browser to see the startup page.

A Warning About Secrets

All secrets (including the server config) are stored as secrets as part of the chart. As of helm 3, all values passed in are also set as secrets. The issue then becomes twofold:

  1. You probably keep your values in git, unencrypted. You probably shouldn’t in this case because they contain secrets.
  2. The secrets must be passed in from an insecure setting, such as your laptop.

I have done my best to balance the ease-of-use and the security when building this chart. There are however much better practices that could be used for handling the secrets for this server. I highly suggest reading more about that before running this in a “production” setting.

In the future, I will look at incorporating a Vault integration with this chart to make it easier to keep these keys in a safe place.

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
affinity object {}
fullnameOverride string "" A template override for “fullname”
image.pullPolicy string "Always" The image pull policy for all containers. Recommend leaving this as Always
image.repository string "matrixdotorg/synapse" The docker image repository to use
image.tag string "" Overrides the image tag whose default is the chart appVersion.
imagePullSecrets list [] A list of pullsecrets to use everywhere
ingress.annotations object {"":"letsencrypt-prod","":"nginx-ingress"} Annotations to add to the synapse server ingress
ingress.enabled bool false If true, creates an ingress for the synapse server
ingress.hosts list [{"host":"","paths":["/"]}] A list of hosts and paths to use for the synapse ingress
ingress.tls list [{"hosts":[""],"secretName":"synapse-tls"}] A TLS block for the synapse server ingress
macaroonSecretKey string "469535da278b1a340112b7190217efb8ba846476c9abb20e166e7cc4eaf8f413" The value for macaroon_secret_key
nameOverride string "" A template override for “name”
nodeSelector object {} A nodeSelector block to use on all pods in the chart
podAnnotations object {} Additional annotations to add to the synapse server pod
podSecurityContext object {} The security context to add to the synapse server pod
postgres.cpMax int 10 The cp_max setting in the synapse postgres config
postgres.cpMin int 5 The cp_min setting in the synapse postgres config
postgres.database string "matrix" The database name to use. Must be created, or use postgres.init
postgres.enabled bool true If true, uses postgres as the database. If false, it is set to sqlite string "" The host where your postgres server is located. Overriden if postgres.localDev.enabled is used
postgres.init.database string "defaultdb" The default database on the server. Used for connecting initially
postgres.init.enabled bool false If true, a helm post-install hook will be used to initialize the database
postgres.init.image.repository string "" The image to use for the init hook. Must include the psql utility
postgres.init.image.tag string "latest" The tag to use for the init hook image
postgres.init.password string "randomlongpasswordpleasechangeme" The password for the postgres.init.user
postgres.init.user string "matrix" The username to use for initializing the database
postgres.localDev.enabled bool false If true, will run a postgres container alongside the server for dev purposes
postgres.localDev.image.repository string "postgres" The image to use for the dev postgres container
postgres.localDev.image.tag int 12 THe version of the iamge to use for the dev postgres container
postgres.localDev.storageSize string "1Gi" The size of the volume to attach for postgres data
postgres.password string "randomlongpasswordpleasechangeme" The password for postgres.user
postgres.port string "5432" The port of the postgres server. Overriden if postgres.localDev.enabled is used
postgres.user string "matrix" The username for synapse to use when connecting to postgres
regSharedSecret string "c681fdf2ca739edfe848e24ee93d0c51de7be836bd879c54bc57a007c96d3076" The value for registration_shared_secret
replicaCount int 1 The number of replicas to run. Currently only one is supported
reportStats string "no" Set to “yes” or “no”, is set as SYNAPSE_REPORT_STATS
resources object {} A resources block for the synapse server container
securityContext object {"allowPrivilegeEscalation":true,"runAsNonRoot":false,"runAsUser":0} The security context to be used for the synapse server container. Currently this is required to run as root.
serverName string "" The matrix server name to set in SYNAPSE_SERVER_NAME
service.port int 80
service.type string "ClusterIP" The service type to use for the synapse server
serviceAccount.annotations object {} Annotations to add to the service account
serviceAccount.create bool true Specifies whether a service account should be created string "" The name of the service account to use. If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template
signingKeyB64 string "ZWQyNTUxOSBhX3JOcEogS0lDTHRqOVovL2lWMEZPbVpjR2tKSzArRDY1WFNvcHlJYlBmN3dvVytGNAo=" The base64 encoded key to mount at /secrets/signing.key
storageClass string "standard" The storage class to use for the persistent data volume mounted at /data. Also used for localDev postgres if enabled
storageSize string "1Gi" The size of the persistent volume that is attached to the synapse server for /data
tolerations list [] A list of tolerations to add to all pods in the chart