Chart version: 1.5.1
Api version: v1
App version: n/a
Main package for Substra
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install substra-backend center/substra/substra-backend
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Substra Backend

Substra Backend is a component of Substra.





The following table lists the configurable parameters of the substra-backend chart and default values.

:warning: This list is a work in progress. Please refer to values.yaml for full configuration options.

Parameter Description Default
backend.grpc.keepalive.timeMs The number of ms between each client keepalive ping 120000
backend.kaniko.cache.warmer.image The docker image for the kaniko cache warmer
backend.kaniko.cache.warmer.images A list of docker images to warm up the kaniko local cache with []
backend.kaniko.cache.warmer.images[].image A docker image (undefined)
backend.kaniko.image The docker image for kaniko builds
backend.kaniko.mirror If true, pull base images from the local registry False
channels A list of Hyperledger Fabric channels to connect to. See hlf-k8s. [mychannel]
events.nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment {}
events.tolerations Toleration labels for pod assignment []
events.affinity Affinity settings for pod assignment {}
httpClient.timeoutSeconds The timeout in seconds for outgoing HTTP requests 30 The Hyperledger Fabric peer hostname
peer.port The Hyperledger Fabric peer port 443
peer.mspID The Hyperledger Fabric peer MSP ID OwkinPeerMSP
peer.waitForEventTimeoutSeconds Time to wait for confirmation from the peers that the transaction has been committed successfully 45
peer.strategy.invoke Chaincode invocation endorsement strategy. Can be SELF or ALL (request endorsement from all peers) ALL
peer.strategy.query Chaincode query endorsement strategy. Can be SELF or ALL (request endorsement from all peers) SELF
registry.prepopulate A list of docker images to prepopulate the local docker registry with []
registry.prepopulate[].image A docker image (undefined)
registry.prepopulate[].sourceRegistry The URL of a docker registry to pull the image from (leave blank for Docker Hub) (undefined)
registry.prepopulate[].dockerConfigSecretName Optionally, a docker config to use when pulling the docker image (undefined)
users A list of users who can log into the backend []
users[].name The user login (undefined)
users[].password The user password (undefined)
users[].channel The user channel. This is the name of a Hyperledger Fabric channel (see hlf-k8s). All operations by the user will be executed against this channel. (undefined)


Basic example

For a simple example, see the skaffold.yaml file.