Chart version: 3.3.2
Api version: v1
App version: 3.28.1
Helm chart for Sonatype Nexus 3 OSS.
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install nexus3 center/stevehipwell/nexus3
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Nexus 3

Sonatype Nexus 3 is The free artefact repository with universal format support.

Installing the Chart

Before you can install the chart you will need to add the stevehipwell repo to Helm.

helm repo add stevehipwell

After you’ve installed the repo you can install the chart.

helm upgrade --install --namespace default --values ./my-values.yaml my-release stevehipwell/nexus3


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Nexus 3 chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
image.repository Image repository. sonatype/nexus3
image.tag Image tag. .Chart.AppVersion
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy. IfNotPresent
image.pullSecrets Image pull secrets. []
nameOverride Override the name of the chart. nil
fullnameOverride Override the fullname of the chart. nil
serviceAccount.create If true, create a new service account. true
serviceAccount.annotations Annotations to add to the service account. {} Service account to be used. If not set and serviceAccount.create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template. nil
podAnnotations Annotations to add to the primary container. {}
securityContext Security context for the pod. {}
podSecurityContext Security context for the primary container. { fsGroup: 200 }
service.type Service type. ClusterIP
service.annotations Annotations to add to the service. {}
service.port Service port. 8881
service.additionalPorts Additional ports exposed by the service and used by repository connectors. nil
metrics.enabled If true, metrics will be enabled (with anonymous access configured). false
metrics.serviceMonitor.enabled If true, create a Prometheus service monitor. false
metrics.serviceMonitor.additionalLabels Additional labels to be set on the Prometheus ServiceMonitor. {}
metrics.serviceMonitor.interval Prometheus scrape frequency. 1m
ingress.enabled If true, create an ingress object. false
ingress.annotations Ingress annotations. {}
ingress.path Ingress path. /
ingress.hosts Ingress hosts. []
ingress.tls Ingress TLS configuration []
persistence.enabled If true, create a PVC. false
persistence.annotations Annotations to add to the PVC. {}
persistence.existingClaim Use an existing PVC to persist data. nil
persistence.accessMode Persistence access mode. ReadWriteOnce
persistence.storageClass PVC storage class (use - for default). standard
persistence.size Size of PVC to create. 8Gi
extraVolumes Additional volumes. []
extraVolumeMounts Additional mounts. []
resources Resource requests and limits for the primary container. {}
nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment. {}
tolerations Toleration labels for pod assignment. []
affinity Affinity settings for pod assignment. {}
caCerts.enabled If true, add provided CA certificates to the JVM cacerts key store. false
caCerts.secret Secret containing the additional CA certificates. nil
envVars.jvmMinHeapSize JVM min heap size (should match jvmMaxHeapSize). 1024m
envVars.jvmMaxHeapSize JVM max heap size (should match jvmMinHeapSize). 1024m
envVars.jvmAdditionalMemoryOptions Additional JVM memory options. -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=2048m
envVars.jvmAdditionalOptions Additional JVM options. ""
env Environment variables for all containers in the pod. nil
logback.maxHistory Logback retention period in days. 30
properties Additional Nexus properties. [nexus.scripts.allowCreation=true]
config.enabled If true, automatically configure Nexus. false
config.rootPassword.secret Secret to update the root password with (must also have config.rootPassword.key set). nil
config.rootPassword.key Key on the secret set in config.rootPassword.secret. nil
config.anonymous.enabled If true, allow anonymous access. false
config.realms.enabled If true, realms should be configured. false
config.realms.values Realm ids to enable, in priority order (see values.yaml for available realms). []
config.ldap.enabled If true, configure LDAP. false Unique name for the LDAP configuration. nil
config.ldap.protocol LDAP protocol, either ldaps or ldap. ldaps
config.ldap.useTrustStore Use Nexus trust store for certificate validation. true
config.ldap.connectionTimeoutSeconds LDAP connection timeout. 30
config.ldap.connectionRetryDelaySeconds LDAP connection retry delay. 300
config.ldap.maxIncidentsCount LDAP connection max incidents. 3 LDAP host. nil
config.ldap.port LDAP port. 636
config.ldap.authScheme LDAP authentication schema. simple
config.ldap.authUsername Username or DN (Distinguished Name) of an LDAP user, used to connect to the LDAP server. nil
config.ldap.authPassword.secret Secret containing the password to connect to the LDAP server. nil
config.ldap.authPassword.key The key on the secret containing the password to connect to the LDAP server. nil
config.ldap.authRealm LDAP authentication realm. nil
config.ldap.searchBase LDAP search base. nil
config.ldap.userBaseDn LDAP user base, relative to the search base. nil
config.ldap.userSubtree If true, LDAP users in trees below the user base are valid. false
config.ldap.userObjectClass LDAP object class for users. user
config.ldap.userLdapFilter LDAP user filter. nil
config.ldap.userIdAttribute LDAP user id attribute. sAMAccountName
config.ldap.userRealNameAttribute LDAP user real name attribute. cn
config.ldap.userEmailAddressAttribute LDAP user email address attribute. email
config.ldap.userPasswordAttribute LDAP user password attribute. nil
config.ldap.ldapGroupsAsRoles If true, LDAP user groups will be treated as a Nexus role. false
config.ldap.groupType LDAP group type, either dynamic or static. dynamic
config.ldap.userMemberOfAttribute LDAP user member of attribute, required if groupType is dynamic. memberOf
config.ldap.groupBaseDn LDAP group base, required if groupType is static. nil
config.ldap.groupSubtree If true, LDAP groups in trees below the group base are valid (only used if groupType is static). false
config.ldap.groupObjectClass LDAP group object class, required if groupType is static. nil
config.ldap.groupIdAttribute LDAP group id attribute, required if groupType is static. nil
config.ldap.groupMemberAttribute LDAP group member attribute, required if groupType is static. nil
config.ldap.groupMemberFormat LDAP group member format, required if groupType is static. nil
config.blobStores Blob stores to be configured (see values.yaml for structure). []
config.roles Roles to be configured (see values.yaml for structure). []
config.cleanup Cleanup policies to be configured (see values.yaml for structure). []
config.repos Repos to be configured (see values.yaml for structure). []
config.tasks Tasks to be configured (see values.yaml for structure). []