Chart version: 1.1.4
Api version: v1
App version: 1.7.3
Helm chart for the Istio Operator.
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install istio-operator center/stevehipwell/istio-operator
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Istio Operator

Istio is a service mesh that lets you connect, secure, control, and observe services. At a high level, Istio helps reduce the complexity of these deployments, and eases the strain on your development teams. It is a completely open source service mesh that layers transparently onto existing distributed applications. It is also a platform, including APIs that let it integrate into any logging platform, or telemetry or policy system. Istio’s diverse feature set lets you successfully, and efficiently, run a distributed microservice architecture, and provides a uniform way to secure, connect, and monitor microservices.

Installing the Chart

Before you can install the chart you will need to add the stevehipwell repo to Helm.

helm repo add stevehipwell

After you’ve installed the repo you can install the chart.

helm upgrade --install --namespace default --values ./my-values.yaml my-release stevehipwell/istio-operator


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Istio Operator chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
image.repository Image repository.
image.tag Image tag. 1.7.3
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy. IfNotPresent
image.pullSecrets Image pull secrets. []
nameOverride Override the name of the chart. nil
fullnameOverride Override the fullname of the chart. nil
serviceAccount.create If true, create a new serviceaccount. true
serviceAccount.annotations Annotations to add to the service account. {} Service account to be used. If not set and serviceAccount.create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template. nil
rbac.create If true, create a clusterrole and a clusterolebinding. true
podAnnotations Annotations to add to the primary container. {}
securityContext Security context for the pod. {}
podSecurityContext Security context for the primary container. {}
serviceMonitor.enabled If true, create a Prometheus service monitor. false
serviceMonitor.additionalLabels Additional labels to be set on the Prometheus ServiceMonitor. {}
serviceMonitor.interval Prometheus scrape frequency. 1m
resources Resource requests and limits for the primary container. nil
nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment. {}
tolerations Toleration labels for pod assignment. []
affinity Affinity settings for pod assignment. {}
istioNamespace Namespace to install Istio into. istio-system
controlPlane.install If true, install Istio. false
controlPlane.spec The Istio install specification. {}