Chart version: 0.2.3
Api version: v1
App version: 0.28
Sensu monitoring framework backed by the Redis transport
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install sensu center/stable/sensu
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Sensu is monitoring that doesn’t suck.


$ helm install stable/sensu


This chart bootstraps a Sensu deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.


  • Kubernetes 1.4+ with Beta APIs enabled

Get this chart

Download the latest release of the chart from the releases page.

Alternatively, clone the repo if you wish to use the development snapshot:

$ git clone

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name my-release:

$ helm install --name my-release stable/sensu

The command deploys Sensu on the Kubernetes cluster in the default configuration. The configuration section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.

Tip: List all releases using helm list

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the my-release deployment:

$ helm delete my-release

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Sensu chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
image Sensu image sstarcher/sensu
imageTag Sensu version 0.26
imagePullPolicy Image pull policy IfNotPresent
replicaCount Number of sensu replicas 1
httpPort Service port for kubernetes 80
deis.routable Enables routing through the Deis router false
deis.domain The service name for deis to route sensu
server.resources.requests.cpu CPU request for sensu server 100m
server.resources.requests.memory Memory request for sensu server 100Mi
server.resources.limits.cpu CPU limit for sensu server
server.resources.limits.memory Memory limit for sensu server
api.resources.requests.cpu CPU request for api server 50m
api.resources.requests.memory Memory request for api server 100Mi
api.resources.limits.cpu CPU limit for api server
api.resources.limits.memory Memory limit for api server
REDIS_PORT Default port for redis 6379
REDIS_DB The Redis instance DB to use/select 0
REDIS_AUTO_RECONNECT Reconnect to Redis in the event of a connection failure true
REDIS_RECONNECT_ON_ERROR Reconnect to Redis in the event of a Redis error, e.g. READONLY true

Configuration reference for sensu Sensu/Docs

$ helm install --name my-release \
  --set imageTag=0.26.5 \

The above command sets the Sensu version to 0.26.5.

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the above parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

$ helm install --name my-release -f values.yaml stable/sensu

Tip: You can use the default values.yaml