Chart version: 1.14.6
Api version: v1
App version: 0.15.1
DEPRECATED - Open source, general-purpose policy engine. Enforc...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install opa center/stable/opa
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⚠️ Repo Archive Notice

As of Nov 13, 2020, charts in this repo will no longer be updated. For more information, see the Helm Charts Deprecation and Archive Notice, and Update.


OPA is an open source general-purpose policy engine designed for cloud-native environments.


This chart is deprecated and no longer supported.



This helm chart installs OPA as a Kubernetes admission controller. Using OPA, you can enforce fine-grained invariants over arbitrary resources in your Kubernetes cluster.

Kick the tires

If you just want to see something run, install the chart without any configuration.

helm install stable/opa

Once installed, the OPA will download a sample bundle from The sample bundle contains a simple policy that restricts the hostnames that can be specified on Ingress objects created in the opa-example namespace. You can download the bundle and inspect it yourself:

mkdir example && cd example
curl -s -L | tar xzv

See the NOTES.txt file for examples of how to exercise the admission controller.


All configuration settings are contained and described in values.yaml.

You should set the URL and credentials for the OPA to use to download policies. The URL should identify an HTTP endpoint that implements the OPA Bundle API.

  • specifies the base URL of the OPA control plane.

  • specifies a bearer token for the OPA to use to authenticate with the control plane.

For more information on OPA-specific configuration see the OPA Configuration Reference.

Parameter Description Default
certManager.enabled Setup the Webhook using cert-manager false
admissionControllerKind Type of admission controller to install. ValidatingWebhookConfiguration
admissionControllerFailurePolicy Fail-open (Ignore) or fail-closed (Fail)? Ignore
admissionControllerRules Types of operations resources to check. *
admissionControllerNamespaceSelector Namespace selector for the admission controller See values.yaml
generateAdmissionControllerCerts Auto-generate TLS certificates for admission controller. true
admissionControllerCA Manually set admission controller certificate CA. Unset
admissionControllerCert Manually set admission controller certificate. Unset
admissionControllerKey Manually set admission controller key. Unset
podDisruptionBudget.enabled Enables creation of a PodDisruptionBudget for OPA. false
podDisruptionBudget.minAvailable Sets the minimum number of pods to be available. Cannot be set at the same time as maxUnavailable. 1
podDisruptionBudget.maxUnavailable Sets the maximum number of pods to be unavailable. Cannot be set at the same time as minAvailable. Unset
hostNetwork.enabled Use hostNetwork setting on OPA pod false
image OPA image to deploy. openpolicyagent/opa
imageTag OPA image tag to deploy. See values.yaml
port Port in the pod to which OPA will bind itself. 443
logLevel Log level that OPA outputs at, (debug, info or error) info
logFormat Log format that OPA produces (text or json) text
replicas Number of admission controller replicas to deploy. 1
affinity Pod/Node affinity and anti-affinity {}
tolerations List of node taint tolerations. []
nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment. {}
resources CPU and memory limits for OPA container. {}
readinessProbe HTTP readiness probe for OPA container. See values.yaml
livenessProbe HTTP liveness probe for OPA container. See values.yaml
opa OPA configuration. See values.yaml
mgmt kube-mgmt configuration. See values.yaml
mgmt.port kube-mgmt/prometheus port used to communicate with opa. See values.yaml
sar.resources CPU and memory limits for the sar container. {}
priorityClassName The name of the priorityClass for the pods. Unset
prometheus.enabled Flag to expose the /metrics endpoint to be scraped. false
serviceMonitor.enabled if true, creates a Prometheus Operator ServiceMonitor false
serviceMonitor.interval Interval that Prometheus scrapes Envoy metrics 15s
serviceMonitor.namespace Namespace which the operated Prometheus is running in
annotations Annotations to be added to the deployment template. {}
bootstrapPolicies Bootstrap policies to be loaded during OPA startup. {}
timeoutSeconds Timeout for a webhook call in seconds.
securityContext Security context for the containers {enabled: false, runAsNonRoot: true, runAsUser: 1}
deploymentStrategy Specify deployment spec rollout strategy {}
extraArgs Additional arguments to be added to the opa container []
extraContainers Additional containers to be added to the deployment []
extraVolumes Additional volumes to be added to the deployment []
extraPorts Additional ports to OPA service. Useful to expose extraContainer ports. []