Chart version: 1.6.0
Api version: v1
App version: 1.4.0
DEPRECATED - A Helm chart for kured
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install kured center/stable/kured
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Kured (KUbernetes REboot Daemon)



This chart is deprecated! It has been moved to the kured repository. See for details.

Autolock feature

This feature is not natively supported by kured but is added using Kubernetes Cronjob to annotate daemonset when to allow kured to run using the lock configuration annotation

Config Description Default
image.repository Image repository weaveworks/kured
image.tag Image tag 1.4.0
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy IfNotPresent
image.pullSecrets Image pull secrets []
extraArgs Extra arguments to pass to /usr/bin/kured. See below. {}
rbac.create Create RBAC roles true
podSecurityPolicy.create Create podSecurityPolicy false
serviceAccount.create Create service account roles true Service account name to create (or use if serviceAccount.create is false) (chart fullname)
updateStrategy Daemonset update strategy OnDelete
tolerations Tolerations to apply to the daemonset (eg to allow running on master) [{"key": "", "effect": "NoSchedule"}]
nodeSelector Node Selector for the daemonset (ie, restrict which nodes kured runs on) {}
priorityClassName Priority Class to be used by the pods ""
podAnnotations Annotations to apply to pods (eg to add Prometheus annotations) {}
autolock.enabled Activate autolock to define when to allow kured to be executed false
autolock.image.repository Image repository for kubectl command
autolock.image.tag Image tag 1.17.5
autolock.scheduleUnlock CronJob schedule to unlock kured 0 4 * * *
autolock.schedulelock CronJob schedule to lock kured 0 6 * * *

See for values for extraArgs. Note that

  foo: 1
  bar-baz: 2

becomes /usr/bin/kured ... --foo=1 --bar-baz=2.

Prometheus Metrics

Kured exposes a single prometheus metric indicating whether a reboot is required or not (see kured docs) for details. It can be scraped with the following set of annotations:

podAnnotations: "true" "/metrics" "8080"