Chart version: 2.1.4
Api version: v1
App version: 0.2.0
Take mysql backups from any mysql instance to AWS S3. Supports ...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install mysql-backup center/softonic/mysql-backup
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Mysql Backups


This chart aims to backup target mysql instances into object storage.

It can read data from a mysql instance or through GCP cloud SQL proxy.

This charts curretnly supports only AWS S3 as object storage.

Parameter Description Default
mysql.port MySQL instance port 3306 MySQL instance host
mysql.database MySQL instance database name null MySQL credentials Secret name mysql-credentials
mysql.secret.keys.user MySQL user keys in credentials secret user
mysql.secret.keys.password MySQL password keys in credentials secret password
s3.enabled Enable AWS s3 backups false
s3.bucket AWS s3 bucket name null
s3.filePrefix AWS s3 file prefix used for backup null AWS s3 credentials Secret name mysql-credentials
s3.secret.keys.accessKeyId AWS s3 accessKeyId keys in credentials secret accessKeyId
s3.secret.keys.secretAccessKey AWS s3 secretAccessKey keys in credentials secret secretAccessKey
gcs.enabled Enable GCP gcs backups false
gcs.bucket GCP gcs bucket name null
gcs.filePrefix GCP gcs file prefix used for backup mysqldump
backup.schedule When to run the backup, cron format 0 1 * * *
backup.image.repository Image used to perform the backup softonic/mysql-backup-s3
backup.image.tag Tag used for the image 0.1.5
backup.image.imagePullSecret Image pull secret null
backup.resources.limits.memory Resources limits for memory for mysql-backups container 1024Mi
backup.resources.limits.cpu Resources limits for CPU for mysql-backups container 1
backup.resources.requests.memory Resources requests for memory for mysql-backups container 512Mi
backup.resources.requests.cpu Resources requests for cpu for mysql-backups container 200m
cloudsqlProxy.enabled Cloud SQL deployment enabled false Cloud SQL secret name cloudsql-credentials
cloudsqlProxy.cloudSQL.secret.keys.serviceAccount Cloud SQL Service account key for secret serviceAccount.json
cloudsqlProxy.cloudSQL.gcProject Google Cloud Project from where to perform the backup null
cloudsqlProxy.cloudSQL.instanceId Google Cloud SQL instance ID from where to perform the backup null
cloudsqlProxy.cloudSQL.region Google Cloud Region where the SQL instance ID is located in null
cloudsqlProxy.cloudSQL.image.repository cloudsql proxy image
cloudsqlProxy.cloudSQL.image.tag cloudsql proxy image tag 1.13
cloudsqlProxy.resources.limits.memory Resources limits for memory for cloudsql-proxy container 32Mi
cloudsqlProxy.resources.limits.cpu Resources limits for CPU for cloudsql-proxy container 1
cloudsqlProxy.resources.requests.memory Resources requests for memory for cloudsql-proxy container 16Mi
cloudsqlProxy.resources.requests.cpu Resources requests for cpu for cloudsql-proxy container 10m


If we want to backup database example in mysql instance reachable at everyday at 4am into AWS s3 buckets example-backup we can deploy this chart with values as below.

Note that secrets example-db-credentials and aws-credentials are already existing secrets.

  enabled: true
    database: example
      name: example-db-credentials
        user: db.backup.user
        password: db.backup.pass
    bucket: example-bucket
    filePrefix: my-prefix
      name: aws-credentials
        accessKeyId: accessKeyId
        secretAccessKey: secretAccessKey
    schedule: 0 4 * * *