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Chart version: 3.0.0
Api version: v2
App version: v0.16.0
A knative serving Helm chart for Kubernetes
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install knative-serving center/softonic/knative-serving
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Helm chart for knative serving

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With this chart you are going to install a serving component of Knative on a Kubernetes cluster. Following the knative-serving documentation. Knative install docs

Knative v0.14.0 requires a Kubernetes cluster v1.15 or newer, as well as a compatible kubectl.

# Prerequisites

  • Istio
  • Cert Manager >= 0.12
  • Kubernetes >= v1.15


$ helm repo add softonic
$ helm install knative-serving softonic/knative-serving


All configuration settings are contained and described in values.yaml.

Parameter Description Default
certmanager.enabled Setup the Webhook using cert-manager false
podDisruptionBudget.enabled Enables creation of a PodDisruptionBudget for corresponding deployment. false
podDisruptionBudget.minAvailable Sets the minimum number of pods to be available. Cannot be set at the same time as maxUnavailable. 1
replicaCount Number of replicas to deploy. 1
affinity Pod/Node affinity and anti-affinity {}
tolerations List of node taint tolerations. []
nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment. {}
resources CPU and memory limits for corresponding container. {}
priorityClassName The name of the priorityClass for the pods. Unset
lifecycle controller pod lifecycle hooks {}