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Chart version: 0.7.0
Api version: v1
App version: 0.2.0
Helm chart for Homing Pigeon
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install homing-pigeon center/softonic/homing-pigeon
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Homing Pigeon

Helm chart for

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Parameter Description Default
image.repository Image repository softonic/homing-pigeon
image.tag Tag used for the image 0.1.0
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy IfNotPresent
resources Resources policy {}
updateStrategy Update strategy for statefulset null
nodeSelector Node Selector for homing pigeon deployment  {}
tolerations Tolerations for homing pigeon deployment  []
affinity Affinity for homing pigeon deployment  {}
initContainers List of init containers  []
extraContainers List of extra containers to add to homing pigeon pod  []
nameOverride Override name of chart  ""
fullnameOverride Override full name of chart  ""
replicaCount Number of replicas for homing pigeon deployment  1
consumerId Define CONSUMER_ID env var. It affects queueName  null
messageBufferLen Buffer length for write buffer  400
ackBufferLen Buffer length for acks  200
caCerts List of CA certs with name being an identifier, and cert the certificate in base64 null
reader.rabbitmq.enabled Enable RabbitMQ reader  false
reader.rabbitmq.consumerName Consumer identifier label  ""
reader.rabbitmq.url RabbitMQ url  ""
reader.rabbitmq.caCertName Enable SSL for RabbitMQ  ""
reader.rabbitmq.deadLettersExchangeName RabbitMQ reader dead letters exchange name (where unacked and unroutable messsages go to)  ""
reader.rabbitmq.deadLettersQueueName RabbitMQ reader dead letters queue name  ""
reader.rabbitmq.exchangeName RabbitMQ reader exchange name  ""
reader.rabbitmq.exchangeType RabbitMQ reader exchange type  ""
reader.rabbitmq.exchangeInternal Whether RabbitMQ exchange is internal or not  "false"
reader.rabbitmq.outerExchangeName RabbitMQ reader outer exchange name  ""
reader.rabbitmq.outerExchangeType RabbitMQ reader outer exchange type  ""
reader.rabbitmq.outerExchangeBindingKey RabbitMQ reader binding key for outer exchange  ""
reader.rabbitmq.queueName RabbitMQ reader queue name. It supports templating.  ""
reader.rabbitmq.qos.prefetchCount RabbitMQ QoS prefetch count  0
writer.elasticsearch.enabled elasticsearch writer enabled  false elasticsearch writer host  ""
writer.elasticsearch.flushMaxSize elasticsearch writer flush max size for bulk writes  100
writer.elasticsearch.flushMaxIntervalMs elasticsearch writer flush max interval for bulk writes in ms  5000
middlewares[*].name middleware name  null
middlewares[*].repository middleware image repository  null
middlewares[*].tag middleware image tag  null
middlewares[*].pullPolicy middleware image pull policy  IfNotPresent

QueueName templating available variables:

Name Description
ConsumerId Everything after the last - in the hostname by default. If no - are present, the whole hostname is used. Can be overriden with CONSUMER_ID env var.


You can define middlewares using the middlewares key. The middlewares will be concatenated in the same order than declared in the yaml.


helm repo add softonic
helm upgrade homing-pigeon --install softonic/homing-pigeon