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Chart version: 0.1.19
Api version: v1
App version: 1.11.2
Chart for Apache Flink
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install flink center/riskfocus/flink
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Apache Flink Helm Chart

This is an implementation of

This chart will install session cluster If you are interested in supporting session/job clusters:

Pre Requisites:

  • Kubernetes 1.3 with alpha APIs enabled and support for storage classes

  • PV support on underlying infrastructure

  • Requires at least v2.0.0-beta.1 version of helm to support dependency management with requirements.yaml

StatefulSet Details

StatefulSet Caveats

Chart Details

This chart will do the following:

  • Implement a dynamically scalable Flink(Jobmanagers and Taskmanagers) cluster using Kubernetes StatefulSets

  • Implement a dynamically scalable zookeeper cluster as another Kubernetes StatefulSet required for the Flink cluster above

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name my-flink in the default namespace:

$ helm repo add riskfocus
$ helm repo update
$ helm install --name my-flink riskfocus/flink

If using a dedicated namespace(recommended) then make sure the namespace exists with:

$ helm repo add riskfocus
$ helm repo update
$ helm install --name my-flink --namespace flink riskfocus/flink

This chart can includes a ZooKeeper chart as a dependency to the Flink cluster Jobmanagers HA mode in its requirement.yaml. The chart can be customized using the following configurable parameters(other parameters can be found in values.yaml):

Parameter Description Default
image.repository Flink Container image name flink
image.tag Flink Container image tag 1.11.2-scala_2.12
image.PullPolicy Flink Containers pull policy IfNotPresent
flink.monitoring.enabled Enables Flink monitoring true
jobmanager.highAvailability.enabled Enables Jobmanager HA mode key false
jobmanager.highAvailability.storageDir storageDir for Jobmanager in HA mode null
jobmanager.replicaCount Jobmanagers count context 1
jobmanager.heapSize Jobmanager HeapSize options 1g
jobmanager.resources Jobmanager resources {}
taskmanager.resources Taskmanager Resources key {}
taskmanager.heapSize Taskmanager heapSize mode 1g
jobmanager.replicaCount Taskmanager count context 1
taskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots Number of Taskmanager taskSlots resources 1
taskmanager.resources Taskmanager resources {}
zookeeper.enabled If True, installs Zookeeper Chart false
zookeeper.resources Zookeeper resource requests and limits {}
zookeeper.env Environmental variables provided to Zookeeper Zookeeper {ZK_HEAP_SIZE: "1G"} Zookeeper Persistent volume size 2Gi
zookeeper.image.PullPolicy Zookeeper Container pull policy IfNotPresent
zookeeper.url URL of Zookeeper Cluster (unneeded if installing Zookeeper Chart) ""
zookeeper.port Port of Zookeeper Cluster 2181
zookeeper.affinity Defines affinities and anti-affinities for pods as defined in: preferences {}
zookeeper.nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment {}
secrets.bitnamiSealedSecrets.enabled Enables creation of Sealed Secrets false

Install with HA

You can install this chart with enabled HA based on Zookeeper by provided follow parameters:

$ helm install --name my-flink riskfoucs/flink --set \