Chart version: 0.9.0
Api version: v1
App version: v0.8.0
Druid exporter to monitor druid metrics with Prometheus
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install prometheus-druid-exporter center/prometheus-community/prometheus-druid-exporter
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Prometheus Druid Exporter

A Prometheus exporter for Druid metrics.

Installs the Druid Exporter for Prometheus.

Some of the metrics collections are:- - Druid’s health metrics - Druid’s datasource metrics - Druid’s segment metrics - Druid’s supervisor metrics - Druid’s tasks metrics - Druid’s components metrics like:- broker, historical, ingestion(kafka), coordinator, sys

Get Repo Info

helm repo add prometheus-community
helm repo update

_See helm repo for command documentation._

Install Chart

# Helm 3
$ helm install [RELEASE_NAME] prometheus-community/prometheus-druid-exporter

# Helm 2
$ helm install --name [RELEASE_NAME] prometheus-community/prometheus-druid-exporter

See configuration below.

_See helm install for command documentation._

Uninstall Chart

# Helm 3
$ helm uninstall [RELEASE_NAME]

# Helm 2
# helm delete --purge [RELEASE_NAME]

This removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.

_See helm uninstall for command documentation._

Upgrading Chart

# Helm 3 or 2
$ helm upgrade [RELEASE_NAME] [CHART] --install

_See helm upgrade for command documentation._


See Customizing the Chart Before Installing. To see all configurable options with detailed comments, visit the chart’s values.yaml, or run these configuration commands:

# Helm 2
$ helm inspect values prometheus-community/prometheus-druid-exporter

# Helm 3
$ helm show values prometheus-community/prometheus-druid-exporter

Druid Server Connection

To use this chart, ensure that druidURL is populated with valid Druid URL. Basically this is the URL of druid router or coordinator service.

An example could be:-

Service Monitor

The chart comes with a ServiceMonitor for use with the kube-pometheus-stack. If you’re not using the Prometheus Operator, you can disable the ServiceMonitor by setting serviceMonitor.enabled to false and it will auto generate the following podAnnotations into deployment.yaml:

podAnnotations: /metrics metrics "true"