Chart version: 0.4.0
Api version: v1
App version: v0.4.0
A Helm chart for mysql operator
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install mysql-operator center/presslabs/mysql-operator
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This is the helm chart for mysql-operator.


## For Helm v2
helm repo add presslabs
helm install presslabs/mysql-operator --name mysql-operator

## For Helm v3
helm repo add presslabs
helm install mysql-operator presslabs/mysql-operator


The following table contains the configuration parameters for mysql-operator and default values.

Parameter Description Default value
replicas Replicas for controller 1
image Controller container image
imagePullPolicy Controller image pull policy IfNotPresent
sidecarImage Mysql operator sidecar image
installCRDs Whether or not to install CRDS, Regardless of value of this, Helm v3+ will install the CRDs if those are not present already. Use --skip-crds with helm install if you want to skip CRD creation true
resources Controller and Orchestrator pod resources limits and requests {}
nodeSelector Controller and Orchestrator pod nodeSelector {}
tolerations Controller and Orchestrator pod tolerations {}
nodeAffinity Controller and Orchestrator pod affinity {}
antiAffinity To ensure 2 services don’t end up on the same node can be one of hard or soft hard
extraArgs Args that are passed to controller, check controller command line flags []
watchNamespace The namespace where the operator to watch for resources. Leave empty to watch all namespaces. ""
rbac.create Whether or not to create rbac service account, role and roleBinding true
rbac.serviceAccountName If rbac.create is false then this service account is used a newly created one or default
podDisruptionBudget.enabled Set PDB for Controller and Orchestrator nodes true
podSecurityPolicy.enabled Enfoce pod security policy false
orchestrator.image Orchestrator container image
orchestrator.topologyUser Set a user for orchestrator to use it to connect to the MySQL cluster sys_operator
orchestrator.topologyPassword Set a password for the orchestrator user to connect to MySQL cluster <random string>
orchestrator.* More ochestrator values that can be tuned. Check in values.yaml