Chart version: 0.1.10
Api version: v1
App version: 1.5.0
A Helm chart for installing Percona XtraDB Cluster Databases us...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install pxc-db center/percona/pxc-db
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pxc-cluster: A chart for installing Percona XtraDB Operator managed Databases

This Helm Chart will deploy Percona XtraDB Operator managed Databases on Kubernetes.

You must already have the Percona XtraDB Operator installed before you use this.

To deploy clone down this repository and run:

$ helm install .

See values.yaml for a comprehensive list of settings that can be used to customize the configuration.


Deploy a Cluster without a MySQL Proxy, no backups, no persistent disks

This is great for a dev cluster as it doesn’t require a persistent disk and doesn’t bother with a proxy, backups, or TLS.

$ helm install -n dev  --namespace pxc . \
    --set proxysql.enabled=false --set pxc.disableTLS=true \
    --set pxc.persistence.enabled=false --set backup-enabled=false

Deploy a cluster with certificates provided by Cert Manager

First you need a working cert-manager installed with appropriate Issuers set up. Check out the JetStack Helm Chart to do that.

By setting pxc.certManager=true we’re signaling the Helm chart to not create secrets,which will in turn let the operator know to request appropriate certificate resources to be filled by cert-manager.

$ helm install -n dev  --namespace pxc . --set pxc.certManager=true

Deploy a production grade cluster

The pxc-database chart contains an example production values file that should set you well on your path to running a production database. It is not fully production grade as there are some requirements for you to provide your own secrets for passwords and TLS to be truly production ready, but it does provide comments on how to do those parts.

$ helm install -n prod --file production-values.yaml --namespace pxc .