Chart version: 0.1.0
Api version: v1
App version: n/a
Connect OpenFaaS functions to nats queues
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install nats-connector center/openfaas/nats-connector
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OpenFaaS Nats Connector

The Nats connector invokes functions based on Nats topic annotations.


  • Install OpenFaaS

You must have a working OpenFaaS installation. You can find instructions in the docs, including instructions to also install OpenFaaS via Helm.

Install the Chart

  • Add the OpenFaaS chart repo and deploy the nats-connector chart. We recommend installing it in the same namespace as the rest of OpenFaaS
$ helm repo add openfaas
$ helm upgrade nats-connector openfaas/nats-connector \
    --install \
    --namespace openfaas

The above command will also update your helm repo to pull in any new releases.


Additional nats-connector options in values.yaml.

Parameter Description Default
gateway_url OpenFaaS gateway URL http://gateway.openfaas:8080
basic_auth Enable basic auth for the gateway true
upstream_timeout Maximum timeout for upstream function call, must be a Go formatted duration string. 30s
rebuild_interval Interval for rebuilding function to topic map, must be a Go formatted duration string. 5s
topics Topics to which the connector will bind, provide as a comma-separated list. nats-test,
topic_delimiter Delimiter for topics list. ,
gateway_url The URL for the API gateway. http://gateway:8080"
broker_host location of the nats brokers. nats
print_response Output the response of calling a function in the logs. true
print_response_body Output to the logs the response body when calling a function. false
fullnameOverride Override the name value used for the Connector Deployment object. ā€œ

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install. See values.yaml for detailed configuration.

Removing the nats-connector

All control plane components can be cleaned up with helm:

For Helm 2

$ helm delete --purge nats-connector

For Helm 3

$ helm uninstall nats-connector