Chart version: 0.5.1
Api version: v1
App version: n/a
Connect OpenFaaS functions to Kafka topics
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install kafka-connector center/openfaas/kafka-connector
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OpenFaaS PRO Kafka Connector

The Kafka connector brings Kafka to OpenFaaS by invoking functions based on Kafka topic annotations.


  • Obtain a license or trial

You will need an OpenFaaS Premium subscription to access PRO features.

Contact us to find out more and to start a free trial at:

  • Install OpenFaaS

You must have a working OpenFaaS installation. You can find instructions in the docs, including instructions to also install OpenFaaS via Helm.

  • Install Kafka (dev/testing)

You can install Apache Kafka with the wurstmeister Docker images which will allow you to test the connector with a version of Kafka that is easy to set up, and suitable for development.

  $ git clone
  $ cd contrib/kafka-testing/
  $ kubectl apply -f \
  • Install Kafka (production)

You may already have a working Kafka installation, but if not you can provision it using a production-grade helm chart. Confluent has provided various Helm charts here. Instructions for installing Apache Kafka via Helm are available here.

Install the Chart

  • Create the required secret with your OpenFaaS PRO license code:
$ kubectl create secret generic \
    -n openfaas \
    openfaas-license \
    --from-file license=$HOME/OPENFAAS_LICENSE
  • Add the OpenFaaS chart repo and deploy the kafka-connector PRO chart. We recommend installing it in the same namespace as the rest of OpenFaaS
$ helm repo add openfaas
$ helm upgrade kafka-connector openfaas/kafka-connector \
    --install \
    --namespace openfaas

The above command will also update your helm repo to pull in any new releases.

Install a development version

$ helm upgrade kafka-connector ./chart/kafka-connector \
    --install \
    --namespace openfaas


Additional kafka-connector options in values.yaml.

Parameter Description Default
topics Topics to which the connector will bind, provide as a comma-separated list. faas-request
brokerHost location of the Kafka brokers. kafka
asyncInvocation For long running or slow functions, offload to asychronous function invocations and carry on processing the stream
upstreamTimeout Maximum timeout for upstream function call, must be a Go formatted duration string. 30s
rebuildInterval Interval for rebuilding function to topic map, must be a Go formatted duration string. 3s
gatewayURL The URL for the API gateway. http://gateway.openfaas:8080
printResponse Output the response of calling a function in the logs. true
printResponseBody Output to the logs the response body when calling a function. false
fullnameOverride Override the name value used for the Connector Deployment object. ā€œ

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install. See values.yaml for detailed configuration.

Removing the kafka-connector

All control plane components can be cleaned up with helm:

$ helm delete --purge kafka-connector