Chart version: 1.6.2
Api version: v1
App version: 2.4.0
A Helm chart to deploy the New Relic Prometheus OpenMetrics int...
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install nri-prometheus center/newrelic/nri-prometheus
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New Relic’s Prometheus OpenMetrics Integration

Chart Details

This chart will deploy the New Relic’s Prometheus OpenMetrics Integration.


Parameter Description Default
global.cluster - cluster The cluster name for the Kubernetes cluster.
global.licenseKey - licenseKey The license key for your New Relic Account. This will be preferred configuration option if both licenseKey and customSecret are specified.
global.customSecretName - customSecretName Name of the Secret object where the license key is stored
global.customSecretLicenseKey - customSecretLicenseKey Key in the Secret object where the license key is stored.
nameOverride The name that should be used for the deployment.
image.repository The prometheus openmetrics integration image name. newrelic/nri-prometheus
image.tag The prometheus openmetrics integration image tag. 2.4.0
image.pullSecrets Image pull secrets. nil
resources A yaml defining the resources for the events-router container. {}
rbac.create Enable Role-based authentication true
serviceAccount.create If true, a service account would be created and assigned to the deployment true The service account to assign to the deployment. If serviceAccount.create is true then this name will be used when creating the service account
serviceAccount.annotations The annotations to add to the service account if serviceAccount.create is set to true.
podAnnotations If you wish to provide additional annotations to apply to the pod(s), specify them here.
podSecurityContext Pod security context
priorityClassName Scheduling priority of the pod nil
nodeSelector Node label to use for scheduling {}
tolerations List of node taints to tolerate (requires Kubernetes >= 1.6) []
affinity Node affinity to use for scheduling {}
prometheusScrape Value for label true
global.nrStaging - nrStaging Send data to staging (requires a staging license key) false
config.* Set values used in the configMap


Make sure you have added the New Relic chart repository.

Then, to install this chart, run the following command:

helm install newrelic/nri-prometheus \
--set licenseKey=<enter_new_relic_license_key> \
--set cluster=my-k8s-cluster