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Chart version: 1.0.1
Api version: v1
App version: 19.14
ClickHouse is an open source column-oriented database managemen...
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install clickhouse center/liwenhe/clickhouse
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ClickHouse is an open source column-oriented database management system capable of real time generation of analytical data reports using SQL queries.


This chart bootstraps a ClickHouse replication cluster deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.


  • Kubernetes 1.10+
  • PV provisioner support in the underlying infrastructure

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name my-release:

$ helm repo add liwenhe
$ helm repo update
$ helm install --name clickhouse liwenhe/clickhouse

These commands deploy Clickhouse on the Kubernetes cluster in the default configuration. The configuration section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.

Tip: List all releases using helm list

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the clickhouse deployment:

$ helm delete --purge clickhouse

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.


The following tables lists the configurable parameters of the Clickhouse chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
timezone World time and date for cities in all time zones Asia/Shanghai
clusterDomain Kubernetes cluster domain cluster.local
affinity Clickhouse Node selectors and tolerations for pod assignment nil
clickhouse.podManagementPolicy StatefulSet controller supports relax its ordering guarantees while preserving its uniqueness and identity guarantees Parallel
clickhouse.updateStrategy StatefulSet controller supports automated updates. There are two valid update strategies: RollingUpdate and OnDelete RollingUpdate
clickhouse.rollingUpdatePartition Partition update strategy nil
clickhouse.path The path to the directory containing data /var/lib/clickhouse
clickhouse.http_port The port for connecting to the server over HTTP 8123
clickhouse.tcp_port Port for communicating with clients over the TCP protocol 9000
clickhouse.interserver_http_port Port for exchanging data between ClickHouse servers 9009
clickhouse.replicas The instance number of Clickhouse 3
clickhouse.image Docker image for Clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server
clickhouse.imageVersion Docker image version for Clickhouse 19.14
clickhouse.imagePullPolicy Image pull policy. One of Always, Never, IfNotPresent IfNotPresent
clickhouse.livenessProbe.enabled Turn on and off liveness probe true
clickhouse.livenessProbe.initialDelaySeconds Delay before liveness probe is initiated 30
clickhouse.livenessProbe.periodSeconds How often to perform the probe 30
clickhouse.livenessProbe.timeoutSeconds When the probe times out 5
clickhouse.livenessProbe.failureThreshold Minimum consecutive successes for the probe 3
clickhouse.livenessProbe.successThreshold Minimum consecutive failures for the probe 1
clickhouse.readinessProbe.enabled Turn on and off readiness probe true
clickhouse.readinessProbe.initialDelaySeconds Delay before readiness probe is initiated 30
clickhouse.readinessProbe.periodSeconds How often to perform the probe 30
clickhouse.readinessProbe.timeoutSeconds When the probe times out 5
clickhouse.readinessProbe.failureThreshold Minimum consecutive successes for the probe 3
clickhouse.readinessProbe.successThreshold Minimum consecutive failures for the probe 1
clickhouse.persistentVolumeClaim.enabled Enable persistence using a PersistentVolumeClaim false
clickhouse.persistentVolumeClaim.dataPersistentVolume.enabled Turn on and off dataPersistentVolume false
clickhouse.persistentVolumeClaim.dataPersistentVolume.accessModes Persistent Volume Access Modes [ReadWriteOnce]
clickhouse.persistentVolumeClaim.dataPersistentVolume.storageClassName Persistent Volume Storage Class Persistent Volume Size 500Gi
clickhouse.persistentVolumeClaim.logsPersistentVolume.enabled Turn on and off dataPersistentVolume false
clickhouse.persistentVolumeClaim.logsPersistentVolume.accessModes Persistent Volume Access Modes [ReadWriteOnce]
clickhouse.persistentVolumeClaim.logsPersistentVolume.storageClassName Persistent Volume Storage Class Persistent Volume Size 50Gi
clickhouse.ingress.enabled Enable ingress false Ingress host
clickhouse.ingress.path Ingress path
clickhouse.ingress.tls.enabled Enable ingress tls false
clickhouse.ingress.tls.hosts Ingress tls hosts []
clickhouse.ingress.tls.secretName Ingress tls secretName
clickhouse.configmap.enabled If Configmap’s enabled is true, Custom config.xml, metrica.xml and users.xml true
clickhouse.configmap.max_connections The maximum number of inbound connections 4096
clickhouse.configmap.keep_alive_timeout The number of seconds that ClickHouse waits for incoming requests before closing the connection 3
clickhouse.configmap.max_concurrent_queries The maximum number of simultaneously processed requests 100
clickhouse.configmap.uncompressed_cache_size Cache size (in bytes) for uncompressed data used by table engines from the MergeTree 8589934592
clickhouse.configmap.mark_cache_size Approximate size (in bytes) of the cache of “marks” used by MergeTree 5368709120
clickhouse.configmap.umask Number is always parsed as octal. Default umask is 027 (other users cannot read logs, data files, etc; group can only read) 022
clickhouse.configmap.mlock_executable Enabling this option is recommended but will lead to increased startup time for up to a few seconds false
clickhouse.configmap.builtin_dictionaries_reload_interval The interval in seconds before reloading built-in dictionaries 3600
clickhouse.configmap.max_session_timeout Maximum session timeout, in seconds 3600
clickhouse.configmap.default_session_timeout Default session timeout, in seconds 60
clickhouse.configmap.disable_internal_dns_cache Uncomment to disable ClickHouse internal DNS caching 1
clickhouse.configmap.max_open_files The maximum number of open files
clickhouse.configmap.interserver_http_host The host name that can be used by other servers to access this server
clickhouse.configmap.logger.path The log file path /var/log/clickhouse-server
clickhouse.configmap.logger.level Logging level. Acceptable values: trace, debug, information, warning, error trace
clickhouse.configmap.logger.size Size of the file 1000M
clickhouse.configmap.logger.count The number of archived log files that ClickHouse stores 10
clickhouse.configmap.compression.enabled Enable data compression settings false
clickhouse.configmap.compression.cases[].min_part_size The minimum size of a table part 10000000000
clickhouse.configmap.compression.cases[].min_part_size_ratio The ratio of the minimum size of a table part to the full size of the table 0.01
clickhouse.configmap.compression.cases[].method Compression method. Acceptable values ​: lz4 or zstd(experimental) zstd
clickhouse.configmap.zookeeper_servers.enabled Enable contains settings that allow ClickHouse to interact with a ZooKeeper cluster false
clickhouse.configmap.zookeeper_servers.session_timeout_ms Maximum timeout for the client session in milliseconds 30000
clickhouse.configmap.zookeeper_servers.operation_timeout_ms Operation timeout for the client session in milliseconds 10000
clickhouse.configmap.zookeeper_servers.root The znode that is used as the root for znodes used by the ClickHouse server. Optional
clickhouse.configmap.zookeeper_servers.identity User and password, that can be required by ZooKeeper to give access to requested znodes. Optional
clickhouse.configmap.zookeeper_servers.config[].index ZooKeeper index
clickhouse.configmap.zookeeper_servers.config[].host ZooKeeper host
clickhouse.configmap.zookeeper_servers.config[].port ZooKeeper port
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.enabled Enable configuration of clusters used by the Distributed table engine true
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.internal_replication If this parameter is set to ‘true’, the table where data will be written is going to replicate them itself false
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.replica.user Name of the user for connecting to a remote server. Access is configured in the users.xml file. default
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.replica.password The password for connecting to a remote server (not masked). nil
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.replica.compression Use data compression. true
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.replica.backup.enabled Enable replica backup false
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.graphite.enabled Enable graphite false
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.graphite.config[].timeout The timeout for sending data, in seconds 0.1
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.graphite.config[].interval The interval for sending, in seconds 60
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.graphite.config[].root_path Prefix for keys one_min
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.graphite.config[].metrics Sending data from a :ref:system_tables-system.metrics table true
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.graphite.config[].events Sending deltas data accumulated for the time period from a table true
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.graphite.config[].events_cumulative Sending cumulative data from a table true
clickhouse.configmap.remote_servers.graphite.config[].asynchronous_metrics Sending data from a :ref:system_tables-system.asynchronous_metrics table true
clickhouse.configmap.profiles.enabled Enable a settings profiles false
clickhouse.configmap.profiles.profile[].name Tne name of a settings profile
clickhouse.configmap.profiles.profile[].config The config of a settings profile {}
clickhouse.configmap.users.enabled Enable a settings users false
clickhouse.configmap.users.user[].name Tne name of a settings user
clickhouse.configmap.users.user[].config Tne config of a settings user {}
clickhouse.configmap.quotas.enabled Enable a settings quotas false
clickhouse.configmap.quotas.quota[].name Tne name of a settings quota
clickhouse.configmap.quotas.quota[].config[] Tne config of a settings quota []
tabix.enabled Enable tabix false
tabix.replicas The instance number of Tabix 1
tabix.updateStrategy.type Type of deployment. Can be “Recreate” or “RollingUpdate”. Default is RollingUpdate RollingUpdate
tabix.updateStrategy.maxSurge The maximum number of pods that can be scheduled above the desired number of pods 3
tabix.updateStrategy.maxUnavailable The maximum number of pods that can be unavailable during the update 1
tabix.image Docker image name spoonest/clickhouse-tabix-web-client
tabix.imageVersion Docker image version stable
tabix.imagePullPolicy Dcoker image pull policy IfNotPresent
tabix.livenessProbe.enabled Turn on and off liveness probe true
tabix.livenessProbe.initialDelaySeconds Delay before liveness probe is initiated 30
tabix.livenessProbe.periodSeconds How often to perform the probe 30
tabix.livenessProbe.timeoutSeconds When the probe times out 5
tabix.livenessProbe.failureThreshold Minimum consecutive successes for the probe 3
tabix.livenessProbe.successThreshold Minimum consecutive failures for the probe 1
tabix.readinessProbe.enabled Turn on and off readiness probe true
tabix.readinessProbe.initialDelaySeconds Delay before readiness probe is initiated 30
tabix.readinessProbe.periodSeconds How often to perform the probe 30
tabix.readinessProbe.timeoutSeconds When the probe times out 5
tabix.readinessProbe.failureThreshold Minimum consecutive successes for the probe 3
tabix.readinessProbe.successThreshold Minimum consecutive failures for the probe 1 Tabix login username admin Tabix login password admin
tabix.automaticConnection.chName Automatic connection Clickhouse name
tabix.automaticConnection.chHost Automatic connection Clickhouse host
tabix.automaticConnection.chLogin Automatic connection Clickhouse login username
tabix.automaticConnection.chPassword Automatic connection Clickhouse login password
tabix.automaticConnection.chParams Automatic connection Clickhouse params
tabix.ingress.enabled Enable ingress false Ingress host
tabix.ingress.path Ingress path
tabix.ingress.tls.enabled Enable ingress tls false
tabix.ingress.tls.hosts Ingress tls hosts []

For more information please refer to the liwenhe1993/charts documentation.