Chart version: 1.10.0
Api version: v1
App version: 1.10.0
A Helm chart to install litmus infra components on Kubernetes
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install litmus center/litmuschaos/litmus
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A Helm chart to install litmus infra components on Kubernetes.

Current chart version is 1.10.0

Architecture introduction

litmus architecture


Chaos-Operator watches for the ChaosEngine CRs across namespaces and executes the Chaos-Experiments mentioned in the CR. By default, it runs in litmus namespace. The Chaos-exporter is used to export chaos metrics about state of experiments listed in the ChaosEngine, to a Prometheus database.


During installation, the following three CRDs are installed on the Kubernetes cluster.


Chaos Experiment is a CR and are available as YAML files on Chaos Hub. For more details visit ChaosHub documentation. To view and install chaos charts visit chaos-charts repository.


ChaosEngine CR links application to experiments. User has to create ChaosEngine YAML by specifying the application label and experiments and create the CR. The CR is watched by Chaos-Operator and chaos-experiments are executed on a given application.


Optionally metrics can be exported to a Prometheus database. Chaos-Exporter implements the Prometheus /metrics endpoint in port: 8080.

Full documentation can be found here

Chart Values

The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Litmus chart and their default values.

Key Type Default Description
operatorMode string standard Operational mode of the chaos operator. Supports: standard, namespaced, admin
affinity object {} Affinity for operator
exporter.affinity object {} Affinity for exporter
exporter.enabled bool false If metrics exporter enabled
exporter.image.pullPolicy string "Always" Image pill policy for exporter
exporter.image.repository string "litmuschaos/chaos-exporter" Image repository for exporter
exporter.image.tag string "1.10.0" Image tag for exporter
exporter.nodeSelector object {} Node selector for exporter
exporter.resources object {} Resources requests and limits for exporter
exporter.service.annotations object {} Annotations for exporter service
exporter.service.port int 8080 Port for exporter service
exporter.service.type string "ClusterIP" Type of exporter’s service
exporter.serviceMonitor.additionalLabels object {} Additional labels for exporter’s serviceMonitor
exporter.serviceMonitor.enabled bool false If serviceMonitor enabled
exporter.tolerations list [] Tolerations for exporter
fullnameOverride string "litmus" Full name override
operator.image.pullPolicy string "Always" Image operator or runner pull policy
<operator|runner>.image.repository string "litmuschaos/chaos-operator" Image operator or runner repository
<operator|runner>.image.tag string "1.10.0" Image operator or runner tag
ingress.annotations object {} Ingress annotations
ingress.enabled bool false Ingress enabled
nameOverride string "litmus" Name override
nodeSelector object {} Node selector
operatorName string "chaos-operator" Operator name
replicaCount int 1 Replica count
resources object {} Resources requests and limits
policies.monitoring.disabled string false If google analytics disabled
service.port int 80 Service port
service.type string "ClusterIP" Service type
tolerations list [] Tolerations