Chart version: 20.11.5
Api version: v1
App version: edge-20.11.5
A helm chart containing the resources to enable mirroring of se...
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install linkerd2-multicluster-link center/linkerd2-edge/linkerd2-multicluster-link
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Linkerd2-multicluster-link Helm Chart

Linkerd is a service mesh, designed to give platform-wide observability, reliability, and security without requiring configuration or code changes. This chart provides the components needed to enable communication between clusters.


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the linkerd2-multicluster chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
controllerComponentLabel Control plane label. Do not edit
controllerImage Docker image for the Service mirror component (uses the Linkerd controller image)
controllerImageVersion Tag for the Service Mirror container Docker image latest version
createdByAnnotation Annotation label for the proxy create. Do not edit.
gateway If the gateway component should be installed true
gatewayLocalProbePath The path that will be used by the local liveness checks to ensure the gateway is alive /health-local
gatewayLocalProbePort The port that will be used by the local liveness checks to ensure the gateway is alive 8888
gatewayName The name of the gateway that will be installed linkerd-gateway
gatewayNginxImage The Nginx image nginx
gatewayNginxImageVersion The version of the Nginx image 1.17
gatewayPort The port on which all the gateway will accept incoming traffic 4143
gatewayProbePath The path that will be used by remote clusters for determining whether the gateway is alive /health
gatewayProbePort The port used for liveliness probing 4181
gatewayProbeSeconds The interval (in seconds) between liveness probes 3
identityTrustDomain Trust domain used for identity of the existing linkerd installation cluster.local
installNamespace If the namespace should be installed true
linkerdNamespace The namespace of the existing Linkerd installation linkerd
linkerdVersion Control plane version latest version
namespace Service Mirror component namespace linkerd-multicluster
proxyOutboundPort The port on which the proxy accepts outbound traffic 4140
remoteMirrorServiceAccountName The name of the service account used to allow remote clusters to mirror local services linkerd-service-mirror-remote-access-default
remoteMirrorServiceAccount If the remote mirror service account should be installed true
serviceMirror If the service mirror component should be installed true
logLevel Log level for the Multicluster components info
serviceMirrorRetryLimit Number of times update from the remote cluster is allowed to be requeued (retried) 3
serviceMirrorUID User id under which the Service Mirror shall be ran 2103