Chart version: 21.1.2
Api version: v1
App version: edge-21.1.2
Linkerd is a *service mesh*, designed to give platform-wide obs...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install linkerd2-cni center/linkerd2-edge/linkerd2-cni
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Linkerd is a service mesh, designed to give platform-wide observability, reliability, and security without requiring configuration or code changes. The Linkerd CNI plugin takes care of setting up your pod’s network so incoming and outgoing traffic is proxied through the data plane.

Version: 0.1.0

AppVersion: edge-XX.X.X


Kubernetes: >=1.13.0-0

Repository Name Version
file://../partials partials 0.1.0


Key Type Default Description
cniPluginImage string "" Docker image for the CNI plugin
cniPluginVersion string "linkerdVersionValue" Tag for the CNI container Docker image
cniResourceLabel string "" CNI resource annotation. Do not edit
createdByAnnotation string "" Annotation label for the proxy create. Do not edit.
destCNIBinDir string "/opt/cni/bin" Directory on the host where the CNI configuration will be placed
destCNINetDir string "/etc/cni/net.d" Directory on the host where the CNI plugin binaries reside
ignoreInboundPorts string "25,443,587,3306,11211" Inbound ports the proxy should ignore - SMTP (25,587) server-first - HTTPS (443) opaque TLS - MYSQL (3306) server-first - Memcached (11211) clients do not issue any preamble, which breaks detection
ignoreOutboundPorts string "25,443,587,3306,11211" Outbound ports the proxy should ignore
imagePullSecrets string nil
inboundProxyPort int 4143 Inbound port for the proxy container
installNamespace bool true Whether to create the CNI plugin plane namespace or not
logLevel string "info" Log level for the CNI plugin
namespace string "linkerd-cni" CNI plugin plane namespace
outboundProxyPort int 4140 Outbound port for the proxy container
portsToRedirect string "" Ports to redirect to proxy
priorityClassName string "" Kubernetes priorityClassName for the CNI plugin’s Pods
proxyInjectAnnotation string ""
proxyInjectDisabled string "disabled"
proxyUID int 2102 User id under which the proxy shall be ran
useWaitFlag bool false Configures the CNI plugin to use the -w flag for the iptables command

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