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Chart version: 0.2.0
Api version: v1
App version: 0.6.0
A Helm chart for exporting stackdriver metrics to prometheus
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install stackdriver-exporter center/kiwigrid/stackdriver-exporter
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Stackdriver Exporter


This chart is for the stackdriver exporter.

Installing the Chart

Install from remote URL with the release name stackdriver-exporter into namespace default:

helm upgrade -i stackdriver-exporter kiwigrid/stackdriver-exporter

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the stackdriver-exporter deployment:

helm delete stackdriver-exporter --purge

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
image.repository image name frodenas/stackdriver-exporter
image.tag image tag v0.6.0
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy IfNotPresent
web.port listen port 9255
web.path Path under which to expose Prometheus metrics /metrics
gcp.projectId gcp project id
gcp.serviceAccountName name of service account for gcp
gcp.keyfileSecretName name of secret
gcp.metricsTypePrefixes list of metric prefixes
gcp.metricsInterval Metric’s timestamp interval to request from the Google Stackdriver Monitoring Metrics API. Only the most recent data point is used 5m
gcp.metricsOffset Offset (into the past) for the metric’s timestamp interval to request from the Google Stackdriver Monitoring Metrics API, to handle latency in published metrics 0s
gcpCredentials gcp key file base64 encoded has only be set if usingGCPController is false
usingGCPController if true the secret will be created via a crd (see Gcp Service Account Controller for more infos) false
resources Resource limits for pod {}
nodeSelector NodeSelector {}
tolerations Tolerations []
affinity Affinity {}
prometheusScrapeSlow Enables annotation false

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install.

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the above parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

helm install --name my-release -f values.yaml kiwigrid/stackdriver-exporter

Tip: You can use the default values.yaml