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Chart version: 1.3.3
Api version: v2
App version: 1.11.5
Git with a cup of tea
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install gitea center/k8s-land/gitea
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Gitea is a lightweight GitHub clone. This is for those who wish to self host their own git repos on kubernetes.

This chart is based upon the work done by @jfelten


helm repo add k8s-land
helm install gitea k8s-land/gitea


This chart bootstraps both Gitea and MariaDB.

In this chart, the following are ran: - Gitea - Memcached - Mariadb


  • Kubernetes 1.12+
  • Helm 3.0+
  • PV provisioner for persistent data support

Installing the Chart

By default, we use ingress to expose the service.

To install WITHOUT persistent storage / development:

helm repo add k8s-land
helm install gitea k8s-land/gitea

For production / installing with persistent data:

helm show values k8s-land/gitea > values.yaml
vim values.yaml # Edit to enable persistent storage
helm install gitea k8s-land/gitea -f values.yaml

Database Configuration

By default, we will launch a Mariadb database:

  enabled: true

To use an external database, disable the in-pod database and fill in the “externalDB” values:

  enabled: false

#Connect to an external database
  dbUser: "postgres"
   dbPassword: "<MY_PASSWORD>"
   dbHost: "db-service-name.namespace.svc.cluster.local" # or some external host
   dbPort: "5432"
   dbDatabase: "gitea"

Persistent Data

By default, persistent data is not enabled and thus you’ll have to enable it from within the values.yaml.

Unless otherwise set to true, data will be deleted when the Pod is restarted.

To prevent data loss, we will enable persistent data.

First, enable persistency:

  enabled: true

If you wish for helm NOT to replace data when re-deploying (updating the chart), add the resource-policy annotation:

    "": keep

To use a previously created PVC / volume, use the following:

 existingGiteaClaim: gitea-gitea

Ingress And External Host/Ports

Gitea requires ports to be exposed for accessibility. The recommended way is using ingress, however, you can supply LoadBalancer to your values alternatively.

By default, we expose via an ingress:

To expose via an ingress:

  enabled: true

To expose the web application this chart will generate an ingress using the ingress controller of choice if specified. If an ingress is enabled services.http.externalHost must be specified. To expose SSH services it relies on either a LoadBalancer or NodePort.


When upgrading, make sure you have the following enabled:

  • Persistency for both mariadb + Gitea
  • Using existingGiteaClaim
  • Due to using the bitnami/mariadb chart, make sure to HARDCODE your passwords within values.yaml. Or else you’ll be unable to update mariadb


Refer to values.yaml for the full run-down on defaults.

The following table lists the configurable parameters of this chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
images.gitea gitea image gitea/gitea:1.9.3
images.memcached memcached image memcached:1.5.19-alpine
images.pullPolicy Image pull policy IfNotPresent
images.pullSecrets Specify an array of pull secrets []
memcached.maxItemMemory Max item memory 64
memcached.verbosity Verbosity v
memcached.extendedOptions Extended options for memcached modern
ingress.enabled Switch to create ingress for this chart deployment true
ingress.hostname Hostname to be used for the ingress gitea.local
ingress.certManager Asks if we want to use cert-manager or not (let’s encrypt, etc.) true
ingress.annotations Annotations used by the ingress []
ingress.hosts Additional hosts to be used by the ingress []
ingress.tls TLS secret keys to be used with Gitea []
service.http.serviceType type of kubernetes services used for http i.e. ClusterIP, NodePort or LoadBalancer ClusterIP
service.http.port http port for web traffic 3000
service.http.NodePort Manual NodePort for web traffic nil
service.http.externalPort Port exposed on the internet by a load balancer or firewall that redirects to the ingress or NodePort 8280
service.http.externalHost IP or DNS name exposed on the internet by a load balancer or firewall that redirects to the ingress or Node for http traffic gitea.local
service.ssh.serviceType type of kubernetes services used for ssh i.e. ClusterIP, NodePort or LoadBalancer ClusterIP
service.ssh.port http port for web traffic 22
service.ssh.NodePort Manual NodePort for ssh traffic nil
service.ssh.externalPort Port exposed on the internet by a load balancer or firewall that redirects to the ingress or NodePort nil
service.ssh.externalHost IP or DNS name exposed on the internet by a load balancer or firewall that redirects to the ingress or Node for http traffic gitea.local
resources.gitea.requests.memory gitea container memory request 500Mi
resources.gitea.requests.cpu gitea container request cpu 1000m
resources.gitea.limits.memory gitea container memory limits 2Gi
resources.gitea.limits.cpu gitea container CPU/Memory resource requests/limits 1
resources.memcached.requests.memory memcached container memory request 64Mi
resources.memcached.requests.cpu memcached container request cpu 50m
persistence.enabled Create PVCs to store gitea data false
persistence.existingGiteaClaim Already existing PVC that should be used for gitea data. nil
persistence.giteaSize Size of gitea pvc to create 10Gi
persistence.annotations Annotations to set on created PVCs nil
persistence.storageClass NStorageClass to use for dynamic provision if not ‘default’ nil
mariadb.enabled Enable or diable mariadb true
mariadb.replication.enabled Enable or diable replication false Default name gitea
mariadb.db.user Default user gitea
mariadb.persistence.enabled Enable or diable persistence true
mariadb.persistence.accessMode What access mode to use ReadWriteOnce
mariadb.persistence.size What size of database to use 8Gi
externalDB.dbUser external db user unset
externalDB.dbPassword external db password unset
externalDB.dbHost external db host unset
externalDB.dbPort external db port unset
externalDB.dbDatabase external db database name unset
config.disableInstaller Disable the installer false
config.offlineMode Sets Gitea’s Offline Mode. Values are true or false. false
config.requireSignin Require Gitea user to be signed in to see any pages. Values are true or false. false
config.disableRegistration Disable Gitea’s user registration. Values are true or false. false
config.openidSignin Allow login with OpenID. Values are true or false. true
nodeSelector Node to be selected {}
affinity Affinity settings for pod assignment {}
tolerations Toleration labels for pod assignment []
deploymentAnnotations Deployment annotations to be used {}
podAnnotations Pod deployment annotations to be used {}