Chart version: 2.5.1
Api version: v1
App version: 7.6.3
JFrog Container Registry
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
Install Chart:
helm install center-artifactory-jcr center/jfrog/artifactory-jcr
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JFrog Container Registry Helm Chart

JFrog Container Registry is a free Artifactory edition with Docker and Helm repositories support.

Prerequisites Details

  • Kubernetes 1.12+

Chart Details

This chart will do the following:

  • Deploy JFrog Container Registry
  • Deploy an optional Nginx server
  • Deploy an optional PostgreSQL Database
  • Optionally expose Artifactory with Ingress Ingress documentation

Installing the Chart

Add ChartCenter Helm repository

Before installing JFrog helm charts, you need to add the ChartCenter helm repository to your helm client.

helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
helm repo update

Install Chart

To install the chart with the release name jfrog-container-registry:

helm upgrade --install jfrog-container-registry --set postgresql.postgresqlPassword=<postgres_password> --namespace artifactory-jcr center/jfrog/artifactory-jcr

Accessing JFrog Container Registry

NOTE: If using artifactory or nginx service type LoadBalancer, it might take a few minutes for JFrog Container Registry’s public IP to become available.

Updating JFrog Container Registry

Once you have a new chart version, you can upgrade your deployment with

helm upgrade jfrog-container-registry center/jfrog/artifactory-jcr

Deleting JFrog Container Registry

On helm v2:

helm delete --purge jfrog-container-registry

On helm v3:

helm delete jfrog-container-registry --namespace artifactory-jcr                                                                                                                       

This will delete your JFrog Container Registry deployment.<br>
**NOTE:** You might have left behind persistent volumes. You should explicitly delete them with
kubectl delete pvc ...
kubectl delete pv ...


The JFrog Container Registry chart comes with PostgreSQL deployed by default.
For details on the PostgreSQL configuration or customising the database, Look at the options described in the Artifactory helm chart.


The following table lists the basic configurable parameters of the JFrog Container Registry chart and their default values.

NOTE: All supported parameters are documented in the main artifactory helm chart.

Parameter Description Default
artifactory.artifactory.image.repository Container image docker.bintray.io/jfrog/artifactory-jcr
artifactory.artifactory.image.version Container tag .Chart.AppVersion
artifactory.artifactory.resources Artifactory container resources {}
artifactory.artifactory.javaOpts Artifactory Java options {}
artifactory.nginx.enabled Deploy nginx server true
artifactory.nginx.service.type Nginx service type LoadBalancer
artifactory.nginx.tlsSecretName TLS secret for Nginx pod
artifactory.ingress.enabled Enable Ingress (should come with artifactory.nginx.enabled=false) false
artifactory.ingress.tls Ingress TLS configuration (YAML) []
artifactory.postgresql.enabled Use the Artifactory PostgreSQL sub chart true
artifactory.database Custom database configuration (if not using bundled PostgreSQL sub-chart)
postgresql.enabled Enable the Artifactory PostgreSQL sub chart true

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install.

Ingress and TLS

To get Helm to create an ingress object with a hostname, add these two lines to your Helm command:

helm upgrade --install jfrog-container-registry \
  --set artifactory.nginx.enabled=false \
  --set artifactory.ingress.enabled=true \
  --set artifactory.ingress.hosts[0]="artifactory.company.com" \
  --set artifactory.artifactory.service.type=NodePort \
  --namespace artifactory-jcr center/jfrog/artifactory-jcr

To manually configure TLS, first create/retrieve a key & certificate pair for the address(es) you wish to protect. Then create a TLS secret in the namespace:

kubectl create secret tls artifactory-tls --cert=path/to/tls.cert --key=path/to/tls.key

Include the secret’s name, along with the desired hostnames, in the Artifactory Ingress TLS section of your custom values.yaml file:

      ## If true, Artifactory Ingress will be created
      enabled: true

      ## Artifactory Ingress hostnames
      ## Must be provided if Ingress is enabled
        - jfrog-container-registry.domain.com
        kubernetes.io/tls-acme: "true"
      ## Artifactory Ingress TLS configuration
      ## Secrets must be manually created in the namespace
        - secretName: artifactory-tls
            - jfrog-container-registry.domain.com

Useful links

https://www.jfrog.com https://www.jfrog.com/confluence/