Chart version: 1.2.0
Api version: v1
App version: 5.0.1
Schema Registry provides a serving layer for your metadata. It ...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install schema-registry center/incubator/schema-registry
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Schema-Registry Helm Chart

This helm chart creates a Confluent Schema-Registry server.


  • Kubernetes 1.6
  • A running Kafka Installation
  • A running Zookeeper Installation

Chart Components

This chart will do the following:

  • Create a Schema-Registry deployment
  • Create a Service configured to connect to the available Schema-Registry pods on the configured client port.

Note: Distributed Schema Registry Master Election is done via Kafka Coordinator Master Election

Installing the Chart

You can install the chart with the release name mysr as below.

$ helm repo add incubator
$ helm install --name mysr incubator/schema-registry

If you do not specify a name, helm will select a name for you.

Installed Components

You can use kubectl get to view all of the installed components.

$ kubectl get all -l app=schema-registry
NAME                          DESIRED   CURRENT   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
deploy/mysr-schema-registry   1         1         1            1           23m

NAME                                DESIRED   CURRENT   READY     AGE
rs/mysr-schema-registry-bcb4c994c   1         1         1         23m

NAME                                      READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
po/mysr-schema-registry-bcb4c994c-qjqbj   1/1       Running   1          23m
  1. deploy/mysr-schema-registry is the Deployment created by this chart.
  2. rs/mysr-schema-registry-bcb4c994c is the ReplicaSet created by this Chart’s Deployment.
  3. po/mysr-schema-registry-bcb4c994c-qjqbj is the Pod created by the ReplicaSet under this Chart’s Deployment.


You can specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install.

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

$ helm install --name my-release -f values.yaml incubator/schema-registry

Tip: You can use the default values.yaml


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the SchemaRegistry chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
image The SchemaRegistry image repository confluentinc/cp-schema-registry
imageTag The SchemaRegistry image tag 5.0.1
imagePullPolicy Image Pull Policy IfNotPresent
replicaCount The number of SchemaRegistry Pods in the Deployment 1
configurationOverrides SchemaRegistry configuration setting overrides in the dictionary format value {}
podAnnotations Pod annotations.
kafkaOpts Additional Java arguments to pass to Kafka.
sasl.configPath where to store config for sasl configurations /etc/kafka-config
sasl.scram.enabled whether sasl-scam is enabled false
sasl.scram.init.image which image to use for initializing sasl scram confluentinc/cp-schema-registry
sasl.scram.init.imageTag which version/tag to use for sasl scram init 5.0.1
sasl.scram.init.imagePullPolicy the sasl scram init pull policy IfNotPresent
sasl.scram.clientUser the sasl scram user to use to authenticate to kafka kafka-client
sasl.scram.clientPassword the sasl scram password to use to authenticate to kafka kafka-password
sasl.scram.zookeeperClientUser the sasl scram user to use to authenticate to zookeeper zookeeper-client
sasl.scram.zookeeperClientPassword the sasl scram password to use to authenticate to zookeeper zookeeper-password
resources CPU/Memory resource requests/limits {}
servicePort The port on which the SchemaRegistry server will be exposed. 8081
service.annotations Additional annotations for the service {}
service.labels Additional labels for the service {}
overrideGroupId Group ID defaults to using Release Name so each release is its own Schema Registry worker group, it can be overridden {- .Release.Name -}}
kafkaStore.overrideBootstrapServers Defaults to Kafka Servers in the same release, it can be overridden in case there was a separate release for Kafka Deploy {{- printf "PLAINTEXT://%s-kafka-headless:9092" .Release.Name }}
kafka.enabled If true, install Kafka/Zookeeper alongside the SchemaRegistry. This is intended for testing and argument-less helm installs of this chart only and should not be used in Production. true
kafka.replicas The number of Kafka Pods to install as part of the StatefulSet if kafka.Enabled is true 1
kafka.configurationOverrides Any Kafka Configuration overrides to provide to the underlying kafka chart {offsets.topic.replica.factor: 1}
kafka.zookeeper.servers The number of Zookeeper Pods to install as part of the StatefulSet if kafka.Enabled is true 1
ingress.enabled Enable Ingress? false
ingress.hostname set hostname for ingress ""
ingress.annotations set annotations for ingress {}
ingress.labels Additional labels for the ingress {}
ingress.tls.enabled Enable TLS for the Ingress false
ingress.tls.secretName Name of the Kubernetes Secret object to obtain the TLS certificate from schema-registry-tls
external.enabled Enable LoadBalancer/Nodeport for Cloud Provider external load balancers false
external.type set service type LoadBalancer/NodePort LoadBalancer
external.servicePort set service port 443
external.loadBalancerIP set Static IP for LoadBalancer ""
external.nodePort set Nodeport (valid range depends on CLoud Provider) ""
external.annotations Additional annotations for the external service {}
jmx.enabled Enable JMX? true
jmx.port set JMX port 5555
prometheus.jmx.enabled Enable Prometheus JMX Exporter false
prometheus.jmx.image Set Prometheus JMX Exporter image solsson/kafka-prometheus-jmx-exporter@sha256
prometheus.jmx.imageTag Set Prometheus JMX Exporter image tag 6f82e2b0464f50da8104acd7363fb9b995001ddff77d248379f8788e78946143
prometheus.jmx.port Set Prometheus JMX Exporter port 5556
prometheus.jmx.resources Set Prometheus JMX Exporter resource requests & limits {}
secrets Pass any secrets to the pods.The secret will be mounted to a specific path if required []