Chart version: 0.1.4
Api version: v1
App version: 1.1.1
DEPRECATED Hoverfly is a lightweight, open source API simulatio...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install hoverfly center/incubator/hoverfly
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⚠️ Repo Archive Notice

As of Nov 13, 2020, charts in this repo will no longer be updated. For more information, see the Helm Charts Deprecation and Archive Notice, and Update.


Hoverfly is a lightweight, open source API simulation tool. Using Hoverfly, you can create realistic simulations of the APIs your application depends on.


This chart is deprecated and no longer supported.


$ helm install incubator/hoverfly


This chart bootstraps a Hoverfly deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name my-release:

$ helm install --name my-release incubator/hoverfly

The command deploys Hoverfly on the Kubernetes cluster in the default configuration. The configuration section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.

Tip: List all releases using helm list

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the my-release deployment:

$ helm delete my-release

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Hoverfly chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
image.repository Hoverfly Image name
image.tag Hoverfly Image tag v1.1.1
hoverflyFlags Flags to start Hoverfly with, eg. ‘-auth’ ""
healthcheckEndpoint Admin API path for Kubernetes healthcheck /api/health
service.type Kubernetes Service type ClusterIP
service.adminPort Container Admin port 8888
service.proxyPort Container Proxy port 8500
service.externalAdminPort Service Admin port 8888
service.externalProxyPort Service Proxy port 8500
resources CPU/Memory resource requests/limits Memory: 200Mi, CPU: 0.2
openshift.route.admin.enabled Create an Openshift route for the Hoverfly Admin Interface false
openshift.route.admin.hostname Specify the route URL for the Hoverfly Admin Interface ""
openshift.route.proxy.enabled Create an Openshift route for the Hoverfly Proxy Endpoint false
openshift.route.proxy.hostname Specify the route URL for the Hoverfly Proxy Interface ""

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install. For example,

$ helm install --name my-release \
  --set hoverflyFlags='-webserver -journal-size 0' \

The above command starts Hoverfly in webserver mode and disable journal. You can find all the available flags here

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the above parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

$ helm install --name my-release -f values.yaml incubator/hoverfly

Tip: You can use the default values.yaml