Chart version: 0.3.2
Api version: v1
App version: 1.0.0
DEPRECATED A Helm chart for JFrog Distribution
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install distribution center/incubator/distribution
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JFrog Distribution Helm Chart

Note: This Chart is Deprecated. We have moved it to stable.

Prerequisites Details

  • Kubernetes 1.8+

Chart Details

This chart will do the following:

  • Deploy Mongodb database.
  • Deploy a Redis.
  • Deploy a distributor.
  • Deploy a distribution.


  • A running Kubernetes cluster
  • Dynamic storage provisioning enabled
  • Default StorageClass set to allow services using the default StorageClass for persistent storage
  • A running Artifactory Enterprise Plus
  • Kubectl installed and setup to use the cluster
  • Helm installed and setup to use the cluster (helm init)

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name distribution:

helm install --name distribution incubator/distribution

Accessing Distribution

NOTE: It might take a few minutes for Distribution’s public IP to become available, and the nodes to complete initial setup. Follow the instructions outputted by the install command to get the Distribution IP and URL to access it.

Updating Distribution

Once you have a new chart version, you can update your deployment with

helm upgrade distribution incubator/distribution


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the distribution chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
imagePullSecrets Docker registry pull secret
mongodb.enabled Enable Mongodb true
mongodb.image.tag Mongodb docker image tag 3.6.3
mongodb.image.pullPolicy Mongodb Container pull policy IfNotPresent
mongodb.persistence.enabled Mongodb persistence volume enabled true
mongodb.persistence.existingClaim Use an existing PVC to persist data nil
mongodb.persistence.storageClass Storage class of backing PVC generic
mongodb.persistence.size Mongodb persistence volume size 10Gi
mongodb.livenessProbe.initialDelaySeconds Mongodb delay before liveness probe is initiated 40
mongodb.readinessProbe.initialDelaySeconds Mongodb delay before readiness probe is initiated 30
mongodb.mongodbExtraFlags MongoDB additional command line flags ["--wiredTigerCacheSizeGB=1"]
mongodb.usePassword Enable password authentication false
mongodb.mongodbDatabase Mongodb Database for distribution bintray
mongodb.mongodbRootPassword Mongodb Database Password for root user
mongodb.mongodbUsername Mongodb Database Mission Control User distribution
mongodb.mongodbPassword Mongodb Database Password for Mission Control user
redis.enabled Enable Redis true
redis.redisPassword Redis password
redis.master.port Redis Port 6379
redis.persistence.enabled Use a PVC to persist data true
redis.persistence.existingClaim Use an existing PVC to persist data nil
redis.persistence.storageClass Storage class of backing PVC generic
redis.persistence.size Size of data volume 10Gi Distribution name distribution
distribution.image.pullPolicy Container pull policy IfNotPresent
distribution.image.repository Container image
distribution.image.version Container image tag 1.0.0
distribution.service.type Distribution service type LoadBalancer
distribution.externalPort Distribution service external port 80
distribution.internalPort Distribution service internal port 8080
distribution.env.artifactoryUrl Distribution Environment Artifactory URL
distribution.persistence.mountPath Distribution persistence volume mount path "/jf-distribution"
distribution.persistence.enabled Distribution persistence volume enabled true
distribution.persistence.storageClass Storage class of backing PVC nil
distribution.persistence.existingClaim Provide an existing PersistentVolumeClaim nil
distribution.persistence.accessMode Distribution persistence volume access mode ReadWriteOnce
distribution.persistence.size Distribution persistence volume size 50Gi Distribution name distribution
distributor.image.pullPolicy Container pull policy IfNotPresent
distributor.image.repository Container image
distributor.image.version Container image tag 1.0.0
distributor.token Distributor token
distributor.persistence.mountPath Distributor persistence volume mount path "/bt-distributor"
distributor.persistence.existingClaim Provide an existing PersistentVolumeClaim nil
distributor.persistence.storageClass Storage class of backing PVC nil (uses alpha storage class annotation)
distributor.persistence.enabled Distributor persistence volume enabled true
distributor.persistence.accessMode Distributor persistence volume access mode ReadWriteOnce
distributor.persistence.size Distributor persistence volume size 50Gi

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install.

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