Chart version: 1.0.0
Api version: v1
App version: 1
Hue is an SQL Cloud Editor for Datwarehouses and Databases.
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install hue center/hue/hue
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Hue is a collaborative SQL editor for Datawarehouses and Databases.

This helm chart installs a Hue service and its required components (by default an NGINX balancer and a Postgres database) into a running kubernetes cluster.

The chart installs the Hue docker image from:

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To install the Hue Chart into your Kubernetes cluster :

helm repo add gethue
helm repo update
helm install gethue/hue

Then follow-up the instructions printed on the screen for getting the URL to connect to Hue.

For example:

kubectl port-forward svc/hue 8888:8888 --address

Then opening-up http://localhost:8888.

If you want to delete your install:

helm delete hue --purge


values.yaml contains the most important parameters in the hue section with for example which database to use. The ini section let you add any extra regular parameter.

The following table lists the main parameters.

Parameter Description Default
registry Container image name gethue/hue
tag Container image tag latest
pullPolicy Container pull policy IfNotPresent
hue.database.* Configure or point to an existing database
hue.interpreters.* List of data connectors to activate
hue.ini.* hue.ini configuration file
hue.balancer.create If creating a load balancer service true