Chart version: 0.0.4
Api version: v1
App version: latest
7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that ...
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helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
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helm install sevendaysdie center/halkeye/sevendaysdie
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$ helm repo add halkeye https://halkeye.github.io/helm-charts
$ helm install powerdnsadmin halkeye/powerdnsadmin

7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that is a unique mash up of First Person Shooter, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth.

Current chart version is 0.0.4


0.0.4 -

  • Allow changing of permissions
  • Add whitelist support
  • Add blacklist support
  • Add support for saving mods

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
affinity object {}
blacklist list []
fullnameOverride string ""
image.pullPolicy string "Always"
image.repository string "didstopia/7dtd-server"
image.tag string "latest"
imagePullSecrets list []
ingress.annotations object {}
ingress.enabled bool false
ingress.hosts[0].host string "chart-example.local"
ingress.hosts[0].paths list []
ingress.tls list []
nameOverride string ""
nodeSelector object {}
nonGameService.annotations object {}
nonGameService.type string "ClusterIP"
permissions.chunkcache int 0
permissions.debugshot int 0
permissions.debugweather int 0
permissions.getgamepref int 0
permissions.getgamestat int 0
permissions.getoptions int 0
permissions.gettime int 1000
permissions.gfx int 0
permissions.help int 2000
permissions.listplayerids int 1000
permissions.listthreads int 0
permissions.memcl int 0
permissions.settempunit int 0
persistence.accessModes[0] string "ReadWriteOnce"
persistence.enabled bool false
persistence.size string "10Gi"
persistence.storageClassName string ""
podSecurityContext object {}
replicaCount int 1
resources object {}
securityContext object {}
service.annotations object {}
service.port int 80
service.type string "ClusterIP"
serviceAccount.create bool true
serviceAccount.name string nil
settings.ControlPanelPassword string "CHANGEME"
settings.EACEnabled string "true" Enables/Disables EasyAntiCheat
settings.GameName string "My Game" Whatever you want the game name to be. This affects the save game name as well as the seed used when placing decoration (trees etc) in the world. It does not control the generic layout of the world if creating an RWG world –>
settings.GameWorld string "Navezgane" “RWG” (see WorldGenSeed and WorldGenSize options below) or any already existing world name in the Worlds folder (currently shipping with e.g. “Navezgane”, “PREGEN01”, …)
settings.PersistentPlayerProfiles string "false" If disabled a player can join with any selected profile. If true they will join with the last profile they joined with
settings.ServerAdminSlots string "0" This many admins can still join even if the server has reached MaxPlayerCount
settings.ServerAdminSlotsPermission string "0" Required permission level to use the admin slots above
settings.ServerDescription string "A 7 Days to Die server" Whatever you want the server description to be, will be shown in the server browser.
settings.ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols string "SteamNetworking" Networking protocols that should not be used. Separated by comma. Possible values: LiteNetLib, SteamNetworking. Dedicated servers should disable SteamNetworking if there is no NAT router in between your users and the server or when port-forwarding is set up correctly
settings.ServerLoginConfirmationText string "" If set the user will see the message during joining the server and has to confirm it before continuing. For more complex changes to this window you can change the “serverjoinrulesdialog” window in XUi
settings.ServerMaxPlayerCount string "8" Maximum Concurrent Players
settings.ServerMaxWorldTransferSpeedKiBs string "512" Maximum (!) speed in kiB/s the world is transferred at to a client on first connect if it does not have the world yet. Maximum is about 1300 kiB/s, even if you set a higher value.
settings.ServerName string "My Game Host" Whatever you want the name of the server to be.
settings.ServerPassword string "" Password to gain entry to the server
settings.ServerReservedSlots string "0" Out of the MaxPlayerCount this many slots can only be used by players with a specific permission level –>
settings.ServerReservedSlotsPermission string "100" Required permission level to use reserved slots above
settings.ServerVisibility string "2" Visibility of this server: 2 = public, 1 = only shown to friends, 0 = not listed. As you are never friend of a dedicated server setting this to “1” will only work when the first player connects manually by IP.
settings.ServerWebsite string "" Website URL for the server, will be shown in the serverbrowser as a clickable link
settings.TelnetPassword string "" Password to gain entry to telnet interface. If no password is set the server will only listen on the local loopback interface
settings.WorldGenSeed string "asdf" If RWG this is the seed for the generation of the new world. If a world with the resulting name already exists it will simply load it
settings.WorldGenSize string "4096" If RWG this controls the width and height of the created world. It is also used in combination with WorldGenSeed to create the internal RWG seed thus also creating a unique map name even if using the same WorldGenSeed. Has to be between 2048 and 16384, though large map sizes will take long to generate / download / load
tolerations list []
whitelist list []