Chart version: 0.1.0
Api version: v1
App version: latest
Gitter appservice for matrix
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
Install Chart:
helm install matrix-appservice-gitter center/halkeye/matrix-appservice-gitter
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Gitter appservice for matrix

Current chart version is 0.1.0

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
affinity object {}
config.alias_template string "gitter_${ROOM}"
config.data_dir string "/data" The storage location for data files. This should be something like /data for docker.
config.enable_metrics bool true
config.enable_portals bool false
config.gitter_api_key string nil the API key obtained from https://developer.gitter.im/apps
config.logging object {"console":"debug","files":[],"maxFiles":1} Logging config
config.matrix_admin_room string nil the ID of the room created in step 2
config.matrix_external_url string nil External url for media
config.matrix_homeserver string nil http URL pointing at the homeserver
config.matrix_user_domain string nil The domain for locally-created users
config.name_mangling list [{"pattern":"@irc_(.*):example.com","template":"$1 (IRC)"}] A list of rules to define how to generate usernames on the gitter side of the relaybot for various patterns of matrix user ID
config.username_template string "_gitter_${USER}" A template to use to generate locally-created usernames. This string must contain ${USER} somewhere inside it.
fullnameOverride string ""
image.pullPolicy string "Always"
image.repository string "matrixdotorg/matrix-appservice-gitter"
image.tag string "latest"
imagePullSecrets list []
ingress.annotations object {}
ingress.enabled bool false
ingress.hosts[0].host string "chart-example.local"
ingress.hosts[0].paths list []
ingress.tls list []
nameOverride string ""
nodeSelector object {}
persistence.accessModes[0] string "ReadWriteMany"
persistence.enabled bool false
persistence.existingClaim string nil
persistence.size string "8Gi"
persistence.storageClassName string nil
podSecurityContext object {}
registration.as_token string nil
registration.hs_token string nil
registration.id string "gitter"
registration.namespaces.aliases[0].exclusive bool true
registration.namespaces.aliases[0].regex string "#gitter_.*"
registration.namespaces.rooms list []
registration.namespaces.users[0].exclusive bool true
registration.namespaces.users[0].regex string "@gitter_.*"
registration.protocols string nil
registration.rate_limited bool true
registration.sender_localpart string "gitterbot"
registration.url string nil
replicaCount int 1
resources object {}
securityContext object {}
service.port int 5858
service.type string "ClusterIP"
serviceAccount.create bool true
serviceAccount.name string nil
tolerations list []