Chart version: 0.1.0
Api version: v1
App version: 1.0
Don't Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion o...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
Install Chart:
helm install dontstarvetogether center/halkeye/dontstarvetogether
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Don’t Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising wilderness survival game

Current chart version is 0.1.0

Source code can be found here

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
affinity object {}
config.adminlist list []
config.autosaver_enable bool true
config.backup_log_count string nil
config.blocklist list []
config.description string nil
config.game_mode string "survival"
config.lan_only bool false
config.language string "english"
config.leveldata_overrides string nil
config.max_players int 16
config.mods_overrides string nil
config.name string "Dont Starve Together"
config.name_prefix string nil
config.offline_enable bool false
config.password string nil
config.pause_when_empty bool false
config.pvp_enable bool false
config.shard_bind_ip string ""
config.shard_cluster_key string nil
config.shard_enabled bool false
config.shard_is_master bool false
config.shard_master_ip string nil
config.shard_master_port int 10888
config.shard_name string nil
config.steam_group_admins bool false
config.steam_group_id string nil
config.steam_group_only bool false
config.tick_rate int 15
config.token string nil Defines the server’s token which is needed to run it. To generate a token you need a copy of DST - http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Guides/Don%E2%80%99t_Starve_Together_Dedicated_Servers#Server_Tokens.
config.vote_enabled bool true
config.whitelist list []
config.whitelist_slots int 0
fullnameOverride string ""
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent"
image.repository string "dstacademy/dontstarvetogether"
image.tag string "latest"
imagePullSecrets list []
nameOverride string ""
nodeSelector object {}
persistence.accessModes[0] string "ReadWriteMany"
persistence.enabled bool false
persistence.existingClaim string nil
persistence.size string "8Gi"
persistence.storageClassName string nil
podSecurityContext object {}
replicaCount int 1
resources object {}
securityContext object {}
service.port int 10999
service.type string "ClusterIP"
serviceAccount.create bool true
serviceAccount.name string nil
tolerations list []