Chart version: 3.0.2
Api version: v2
App version: 2.1.0
Promtail is an agent which ships the contents of local logs to ...
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install promtail center/grafana/promtail
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Version: 3.0.2 Type: application AppVersion: 2.1.0

Promtail is an agent which ships the contents of local logs to a Loki instance

Source Code

Chart Repo

Add the following repo to use the chart:

helm repo add grafana


A major chart version change indicates that there is an incompatible breaking change needing manual actions.

From Chart Versions < 3.0.0

Notable Changes

  • Helm 3 is required
  • Labels have been updated to follow the official Kubernetes label recommendations
  • The default scrape configs have been updated to take new and old labels into consideration
  • The config file must be specified as string which can be templated. See below for details
  • The config file is now stored in a Secret and no longer in a ConfigMap because it may contain sensitive data, such as basic auth credentials

Due to the label changes, an existing installation cannot be upgraded without manual interaction. There are basically two options:

Option 1

Uninstall the old release and re-install the new one. There will be no data loss. Promtail will cleanly shut down and write the positions.yaml. The new release which will pick up again from the existing positions.yaml.

Option 2
  • Add new selector labels to the existing pods:

    kubectl label pods -n <namespace> -l app=promtail,release=<release><release>
  • Perform a non-cascading deletion of the DaemonSet which will keep the pods running:

    kubectl delete daemonset -n <namespace> -l app=promtail,release=<release> --cascade=false
  • Perform a regular Helm upgrade on the existing release. The new DaemonSet will pick up the existing pods and perform a rolling upgrade.


Key Type Default Description
affinity object {} Affinity configuration for pods
annotations object {} Annotations for the SaemonSet
config object See values.yaml Section for crafting Promtails config file. The only directly relevant value is config.file which is a templated string that references the other values and snippets below this key.
config.file string See values.yaml Config file contents for Promtail. Must be configured as string. It is templated so it can be assembled from reusable snippets in order to avoid redundancy.
config.lokiAddress string "http://loki-gateway/loki/api/v1/push" The Loki address to post logs to. Must be reference in config.file to configure client.url. See default config in values.yaml
config.serverPort int 3101 The port of the Promtail server Must be reference in config.file to configure server.http_listen_port See default config in values.yaml
config.snippets object See values.yaml A section of reusable snippets that can be reference in config.file. Custom snippets may be added in order to reduce redundancy. This is especially helpful when multiple kubernetes_sd_configs are use which usually have large parts in common.
containerSecurityContext object {"allowPrivilegeEscalation":false,"capabilities":{"drop":["ALL"]},"readOnlyRootFilesystem":true} The security context for containers
defaultVolumeMounts list See values.yaml Default volume mounts. Corresponds to volumes.
defaultVolumes list See values.yaml Default volumes that are mounted into pods. In most cases, these should not be changed. Use extraVolumes/extraVolumeMounts for additional custom volumes.
extraArgs list []
extraEnv list [] Extra environment variables
extraEnvFrom list [] Extra environment variables from secrets or configmaps
extraPorts object {} Configure additional ports and services. For each configured port, a corresponding service is created. See values.yaml for details
extraVolumeMounts list []
extraVolumes list []
fullnameOverride string nil Overrides the chart’s computed fullname
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Docker image pull policy
image.registry string "" The Docker registry
image.repository string "grafana/promtail" Docker image repository
image.tag string nil Overrides the image tag whose default is the chart’s appVersion
imagePullSecrets list [] Image pull secrets for Docker images
initContainer.enabled bool true Specifies whether the init container for setting inotify max user instances is to be enabled
initContainer.fsInotifyMaxUserInstances int 128 The inotify max user instances to configure
initContainer.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Docker image pull policy for the init container image
initContainer.image.registry string "" The Docker registry for the init container
initContainer.image.repository string "busybox" Docker image repository for the init container
initContainer.image.tag float 1.33 Docker tag for the init container
livenessProbe object {} Liveness probe
nameOverride string nil Overrides the chart’s name
nodeSelector object {} Node selector for pods
podAnnotations object {} Pod annotations
podLabels object {} Pod labels
podSecurityContext object {"runAsGroup":0,"runAsUser":0} The security context for pods
podSecurityPolicy object See values.yaml PodSecurityPolicy configuration.
priorityClassName string nil The name of the PriorityClass
rbac.create bool true Specifies whether RBAC resources are to be created
rbac.pspEnabled bool false Specifies whether a PodSecurityPolicy is to be created
readinessProbe object See values.yaml Readiness probe
resources object {} Resource requests and limits
serviceAccount.annotations object {} Annotations for the service account
serviceAccount.create bool true Specifies whether a ServiceAccount should be created
serviceAccount.imagePullSecrets list [] Image pull secrets for the service account string nil The name of the ServiceAccount to use. If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template
serviceMonitor.annotations object {} ServiceMonitor annotations
serviceMonitor.enabled bool false If enabled, ServiceMonitor resources for Prometheus Operator are created
serviceMonitor.interval string nil ServiceMonitor scrape interval
serviceMonitor.labels object {} Additional ServiceMonitor labels
serviceMonitor.namespace string nil Alternative namespace for ServiceMonitor resources
serviceMonitor.namespaceSelector object {} Namespace selector for ServiceMonitor resources
serviceMonitor.scrapeTimeout string nil ServiceMonitor scrape timeout in Go duration format (e.g. 15s)
tolerations list [{"effect":"NoSchedule","key":"","operator":"Exists"}] Tolerations for pods. By default, pods will be scheduled on master nodes.
updateStrategy object {} The update strategy for the DaemonSet


The config file for Promtail must be configured as string. This is necessary because the contents are passed through the tpl function. With this, the file can be templated and assembled from reusable YAML snippets. It is common to have multiple kubernetes_sd_configs that, in turn, usually need the same pipeline_stages. Thus, extracting reusable snippets helps reduce redundancy and avoid copy/paste errors. See `values.yaml´ for details. Also, the following examples make use of this feature.

For additional reference, please refer to Promtail’s docs:

Syslog Support

    name: tcp-syslog
    containerPort: 1514
      port: 80
      type: LoadBalancer
      externalTrafficPolicy: Local

  file: |
      http_listen_port: {{ .Values.config.serverPort }}

      url: {{ .Values.config.lokiAddress }}

      filename: /run/promtail/positions.yaml

      # This reuses the existing default scrape configs
      {{- tpl .Values.config.snippets.scrapeConfigs . | nindent 2 }}

      # Add an additional scrape config for syslog
      - job_name: syslog
          listen_address:{{ .Values.extraPorts.syslog.containerPort }}
            job: syslog
          - source_labels:
              - __syslog_message_hostname
            target_label: host

Journald Support

  file: |
      http_listen_port: {{ .Values.config.serverPort }}

      url: {{ .Values.config.lokiAddress }}

      filename: /run/promtail/positions.yaml

      # This reuses the existing default scrape configs
      {{- tpl .Values.config.snippets.scrapeConfigs . | nindent 2 }}

      # Add an additional scrape config for syslog
      - job_name: journal
          path: /var/log/journal
          max_age: 12h
            job: systemd-journal
          - source_labels:
              - '__journal__systemd_unit'
            target_label: 'unit'
          - source_labels:
              - '__journal__hostname'
            target_label: 'hostname'

# Mount journal directory into promtail pods
  - name: journal
      path: /var/log/journal

  - name: journal
    mountPath: /var/log/journal
    readOnly: true

Push API Support

    name: http-push
    containerPort: 3500
    name: grpc-push
    containerPort: 3600

  file: |
      http_listen_port: {{ .Values.config.serverPort }}

      url: {{ .Values.config.lokiAddress }}

      filename: /run/promtail/positions.yaml

      {{- tpl .Values.config.snippets.scrapeConfigs . | nindent 2 }}

      - job_name: push1
            http_listen_port: {{ .Values.extraPorts.httpPush.containerPort }}
            grpc_listen_port: {{ .Values.extraPorts.grpcPush.containerPort }}
            pushserver: push1