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Chart version: 0.2.0
Api version: v2
App version: 2.1.7
Lean project management system for innovators
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install leantime center/gissilabs/leantime
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Gissilabs Helm Charts


Leantime is a lean project management system for innovators. Designed to help you manage your projects from ideation to delivery. For more information, check the project site at

Helm Chart

The default installation will deploy one Leantime instance using an internal MariaDB database without persistence. All data will be lost if the pod is deleted or scheduled to a different node.

helm install myleantime gissilabs/leantime

See options below to customize the deployment.


Option Description Format Default
internalDatabase.enabled Run a MariaDB container in the pod true / false true
internalDatabase.port Database listener port Number 3306
internalDatabase.user Database username Text leantime
internalDatabase.password Database user password Text Randomly Generated*
internalDatabase.rootPassword Database root password Text Randomly Generated*
internalDatabase.existingSecret Use existing secret for user, user password and root password. Keys are ‘database-user’, ‘database-password’ and ‘database-root’ Secret name Not defined
internalDatabase.securityContext Container-level Security Context Map Empty
internalDatabase.resources Deployment Resources Map Empty
internalDatabase.image See Image
internalDatabase.persistence See Storage
externalDatabase.enabled Use External database true / false false Database hostname. required Hostname Empty
externalDatabase.database SQL Database name Text leantime
externalDatabase.existingSecret Use existing secret for database credentials. Keys are ‘database-user’ and ‘database-password’ Secret name Not defined
externalDatabase.user Database username. required unless using existing secret Text Empty
externalDatabase.password Database username. required unless using existing secret Text Empty

* Note: Auto-generated passwords are overwritten every time the template is rendered but the database only creates credentials on the first run. When upgrading, use “–set” to provide the current passwords otherwise they will not match and application will fail.

Main application

Option Description Format Default Site name Text Leantime
leantime.language Site language [2-digit language]-[2-digit country] en-US
leantime.color Main color 6-digit RGB hex 1b75bb
leantime.logo Site logo image path File path Logo at /images/logo.png
leantime.url Base URL Full URL (protocol://host.domain.tld) Empty. If using Ingress or IngressRoute, URL is generated automatically
leantime.sessionExpiration Session expiration Number of seconds 28800 (8hrs)
leantime.sessionSalt Session salt Text Randomly generated
leantime.existingSecret Use existing secret for session salt. Key is ‘session-salt’ Secret name Not defined

Application Features

Option Description Format Default
leantime.s3.enabled Enable S3 File storage true / false false
leantime.s3.endpoint custom https endpoint empty or https url empty
leantime.s3.usePathStyleEndpoint switch between path or subdomain style endpoint url true / false false
leantime.s3.key S3 Key (required) Text Empty
leantime.s3.secret S3 Secret (required) Text Empty
leantime.s3.bucket S3 Bucket (required) Text Empty
leantime.s3.region S3 Region (required) Text Empty
leantime.s3.folder Use sub-folder Path Empty
leantime.s3.existingSecret Use existing secret for S3 key and secret. Keys are ‘s3-key’ and ‘s3-secret’ Secret name Not defined
leantime.smtp.enabled Enable SMTP support true / false false
leantime.smtp.from E-mail sender address (required) e-mail Empty SMTP server (required) hostname Empty
leantime.smtp.user SMTP username (required) unless existing secret is used Text Empty
leantime.smtp.password SMTP password (required) unless existing secret is used Text Empty
leantime.smtp.existingSecret Use existing secret for SMTP username and password. Keys are ‘smtp-user’ and ‘smtp-password’ Secret name Not defined
leantime.smtp.port Use non-standard SMTP port Number Default SMTP ports
leantime.smtp.secureProtocol Force specific security protocol tls, ssl or starttls Auto-detect
leantime.smtp.autoTLS Enable TLS automatically if supported by server true / false true
leantime.env custom env variables to be more flexible with custom images array of env variables empty


Option Description Format Default
service.type Service Type. More Information Type ClusterIP
service.port Service port for HTTP server Number 80
service.externalTrafficPolicy External Traffic Policy. More Information Local / Cluster Cluster
service.loadBalancerIP Manually select IP when type is LoadBalancer IP address Not defined
service.nodePorts.http Manually select node port for http Number Empty
ingress.enabled Enable Ingress true / false false Ingress hostname required Hostname Empty
ingress.annotations Ingress annotations Map Empty
ingress.tls Ingress TLS options Array of Maps Empty
ingressRoute.enabled Enable Traefik IngressRoute CRD true / false false Ingress route hostname required Hostname Empty
ingressRoute.entrypoints List of Traefik endpoints Array of Text [websecure]
ingressRoute.tls Ingress route TLS options Map Empty


Note: If persistance is not enabled, data will be held on “Empty Dir” which is created on the first time the Pod runs on a node. If Pod is deleted or moved to another node, data will be lost.

Option Description Format Default
persistence.enabled Use persistent volume (PVC) for user files. Uses sub-paths ‘userfiles’ and ‘public-userfiles’ true / false false
persistence.size Size of volume Size 1Gi
persistence.accessMode Volume access mode Text ReadWriteOnce
persistence.storageClass Storage Class Text Not defined. Use “-” for default class
persistence.existingClaim Use existing PVC Name of PVC Not defined
sessionstorage.enabled Use persistent volume (PVC) for user sessions. Mounts to /sessions true / false false
sessionstorage.size Size of volume Size 1Gi
persissessionstoragetence.accessMode Volume access mode Text ReadWriteOnce
sessionstorage.storageClass Storage Class Text Not defined. Use “-” for default class
sessionstorage.existingClaim Use existing PVC Name of PVC Not defined
internalDatabase.persistence.enabled Use persistent volume (PVC) for MariaDB database true / false false
internalDatabase.persistence.size Size of volume Size 2Gi
internalDatabase.persistence.accessMode Volume access mode Text ReadWriteOnce
internalDatabase.persistence.storageClass Storage Class Text Not defined. Use “-” for default class
internalDatabase.persistence.existingClaim Use existing PVC Name of PVC Not defined


Option Description Format Default
image.repository Leantime Docker image Text leantime/leantime
image.tag Docker image tag Text Empty. Uses appVersion from Chart
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy. More Information Text IfNotPresent
internalDatabase.image.repository MariaDB Docker image Text mariadb
internalDatabase.image.tag MariaDB image tag Text 10.3.23 (newer versions could be affected by a bug if using slow disks)
internalDatabase.image.pullPolicy Image pull policy. More Information Text IfNotPresent
imagePullSecrets Image pull secrets Array Empty

General Kubernetes/Helm

Option Description Format Default
strategy Deployment Strategy options sub-tree Empty
replicaCount Number of pod replicas Number 1
nameOverride Name override Text Empty
fullnameOverride Full name override Text Empty
serviceAccount.create Create Service Account true / false false
serviceAccount.annotations Annotations service account Map Empty Service Account name Text Generated from template
podAnnotations Pod Annotations Map Empty
podSecurityContext Pod-level Security Context Map Empty
securityContext Container-level Security Context Map Empty
resources Deployment Resources Map Empty
nodeSelector Node selector Map Empty
tolerations Tolerations Array Empty
affinity Affinity Map Empty