Chart version: 0.1.4
Api version: v2
App version: 1.16.3
Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install bitwardenrs center/gissilabs/bitwardenrs
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Bitwarden_rs is an unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust. For more information, check the project on Github:

Helm Chart

The default installation will deploy one bitwarden_rs instance using a SQLite database without persistence. All data will be lost if the pod is deleted.

helm install mybitwardenrs gissilabs/bitwardenrs

See options below to customize the deployment.


Option Description Format Default
database.type Backend database type sqlite, mysql or postgresql sqlite
database.wal Enable SQLite Write-Ahead-Log, ignored for external databases true / false true
database.url URL of external database (MySQL/PostgreSQL) [mysql|postgresql]://user:pass@host:port Empty
database.existingSecret Use existing secret for database URL, key ‘database-url’ Secret name Not defined

Main application

Option Description Format Default
bitwardenrs.domain Bitwarden URL. Mandatory for invitations over email http[s]://hostname Not defined
bitwardenrs.allowSignups Allow any user to sign-up. More information true / false true
bitwardenrs.signupDomains Whitelist domains allowed to sign-up. ‘allowSignups’ is ignored if set domain1,domain2 Not defined
bitwardenrs.verifySignup Verify e-mail before login is enabled. SMTP must be enabled true / false false
bitwardenrs.allowInvitation Allow invited users to sign-up even feature is disabled. More information true / false true
bitwardenrs.defaultInviteName Default organization name in invitation e-mails that are not coming from a specific organization. Text Bitwarden_RS
bitwardenrs.showPasswordHint Show password hints. More Information true / false true
bitwardenrs.enableWebsockets Enable Websockets for notification. More Information. If using Ingress controllers, “notifications/hub” URL is redirected to websocket port true / false true
bitwardenrs.enableWebVault Enable Web Vault static site. More Information. true / false true
bitwardenrs.orgCreationUsers Restrict creation of orgs. ‘all’, ‘none’ or a comma-separated list of users. all
bitwardenrs.extraEnv Pass extra environment variables Map Not defined
bitwardenrs.log.file Filename to log to disk. More information File path Empty
bitwardenrs.log.level Change log level trace, debug, info, warn, error or off Empty
bitwardenrs.log.timeFormat Log timestamp Rust chrono format. Time in milliseconds

Application Features

Option Description Format Default
bitwardenrs.admin.enabled Enable admin portal. Change settings in the portal will overwrite chart options. true / false false
bitwardenrs.admin.disableAdminToken Disabling the admin token will make the admin portal accessible to anyone, use carefully. More Information true / false false
bitwardenrs.admin.token Token for admin login, will be generated if not defined. More Information Text Auto-generated
bitwardenrs.admin.existingSecret Use existing secret for the admin token. Key is ‘admin-token’ Secret name Not defined
bitwardenrs.smtp.enabled Enable SMTP true / false false SMTP hostname required Hostname Empty
bitwardenrs.smtp.from SMTP sender e-mail address required E-mail Empty
bitwardenrs.smtp.fromName SMTP sender name Text Bitwarden_RS
bitwardenrs.smtp.ssl Enable SSL connection true / false true
bitwardenrs.smtp.port SMTP TCP port Number SSL Enabled: 587. SSL Disabled: 25
bitwardenrs.smtp.authMechanism SMTP Authentication Mechanisms Comma-separated list: ‘Plain’, ‘Login’, ‘Xoauth2’ Plain
bitwardenrs.smtp.heloName Hostname to be sent for SMTP HELO Text Pod name
bitwardenrs.smtp.user SMTP username Text Not defined
bitwardenrs.smtp.password SMTP password. Required is user is specified Text Not defined
bitwardenrs.smtp.existingSecret Use existing secret for SMTP authentication. Keys are ‘smtp-user’ and ‘smtp-password’ Secret name Not defined
bitwardenrs.yubico.enabled Enable Yubikey support true / false false
bitwardenrs.yubico.server Yubico server Hostname YubiCloud
bitwardenrs.yubico.clientId Yubico ID Text Not defined
bitwardenrs.yubico.secretKey Yubico Secret Key Text Not defined
bitwardenrs.yubico.existingSecret Use existing secret for ID and Secret. Keys are ‘yubico-client-id’ and ‘yubico-secret-key’ Secret name Not defined


Option Description Format Default
service.type Service Type. More Information Type ClusterIP
service.httpPort Service port for HTTP server Number 80
service.websocketPort Service port for Websocket server, if enabled Number 3012
service.externalTrafficPolicy External Traffic Policy. More Information Local / Cluster Cluster
service.loadBalancerIP Manually select IP when type is LoadBalancer IP address Not defined
service.nodePorts.http Manually select node port for http Number Empty
service.nodePorts.websocket Manually select node port for websocker, if enabled Number Empty
ingress.enabled Enable Ingress true / false false Ingress hostname required Hostname Empty
ingress.annotations Ingress annotations Map Empty
ingress.tls Ingress TLS options Array of Maps Empty
ingressRoute.enabled Enable Traefik IngressRoute CRD true / false false Ingress route hostname required Hostname Empty
ingressRoute.middlewares Enable middlewares Map Empty
ingressRoute.entrypoints List of Traefik endpoints Array of Text [websecure]
ingressRoute.tls Ingress route TLS options Map Empty


Option Description Format Default
persistence.enabled Create persistent volume (PVC). Holds attachments, icon cache and, if used, the SQLite database true / false false
persistence.size Size of volume Size 1Gi
persistence.accessMode Volume access mode Text ReadWriteOnce
persistence.storageClass Storage Class Text Not defined. Use “-” for default class
persistence.existingClaim Use existing PVC Name of PVC Not defined


Option Description Format Default
image.tag Docker image tag Text Chart appVersion (Chart.yaml)
image.sqliteRepository Docker image for SQLite Text bitwardenrs/server
image.mysqlRepository Docker image for MySQL Text bitwardenrs/server-mysql
image.postgresqlRepository Docker image for PostgreSQL Text bitwardenrs/server-postgresql
imagePullSecrets Image pull secrets Array Empty

General Kubernetes/Helm

Option Description Format Default
strategy Deployment Strategy options sub-tree Empty
replicaCount Number of pod replicas Number 1
nameOverride Name override Text Empty
fullnameOverride Full name override Text Empty
serviceAccount.create Create Service Account true / false false
serviceAccount.annotations Annotations service account Map Empty Service Account name Text Generated from template
podAnnotations Pod Annotations Map Empty
podSecurityContext Pod-level Security Context Map {fsGroup:65534}
securityContext Container-level Security Context Map {runAsUser:65534, runAsGroup:65534}
resources Deployment Resources Map Empty
nodeSelector Node selector Map Empty
tolerations Tolerations Array Empty
affinity Affinity Map Empty