Chart version: 0.2.0
Api version: v1
App version: 1.0.0+572e207
A Helm chart for Forseti Config Validator
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install config-validator center/forseti-security/config-validator
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Config Validator

Forseti Security is a suite of Open-source security tools for GCP. Config Validator is a Golang library which provides functionality to evaluate GCP resources against Rego-based policies


  1. Kubernetes Cluster 1.12+ with the workload-identity addon enabled.
  2. If using a bucket to sync config validator policy, then a GCP project IAM policy binding tying the Kubernetes Service account for the config-validator (created by this chart) to the GCP IAM Forseti client service account. This binding is created via the Terraform module or can be created manually.

Quick start

Install a Config Validator service by executing:

helm install forseti-security/config-validator

Installing the Config Validator Chart

With Tiller (Option 1)


The config-validator Helm chart can be installed using the following as an example:

helm install --name config-validator forseti-security/config-validator \

Note that certain values are required. See the configuration for details.


The config-validator Helm chart can be easily upgraded via the helm upgrade command. For example:

helm upgrade -i config-validator forseti-security/config-validator \


To uninstall/delete the <RELEASE_NAME> deployment:

helm delete <RELEASE_NAME> --purge

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.

Without Tiller (Option 2)

If Tiller is not present in the environment, the charts can still be deployed.

Installing or Upgrading

First fetch the chart and download it locally.

helm fetch forseti-security/config-validator

Next, render the template and pipe it into kubectl.

helm template config-validator-[VERSION].tgz | kubectl apply -f -


Similar to installing or upgrading, the Config Validator components can be uninstalled leveraging Helm’s template sub-command.

helm template config-validator-[VERSION].tgz | kubectl delete -f -


As a best practice, a YAML file that specifies the values for the chart parameters should be provided to configure the chart:

Copy the default config-validator-values.yaml value file.

helm install -f config-validator-values.yaml <RELEASE_NAME> forseti-security/config-validator

See the All configuration options section to discover all possibilities offered by the Config Validator chart.

Pod NetworkPolicy

Optionally, the config-validator helm chart can be deployed with a Kubernetes Pod NetworkPolicy. NetworkPolicies provide controls over how pods communicate with one another. In GKE, network policy enforcement must be enabled for Pod NetworkPolicies to take effect.

In this implementation, the NetworkPolicy allows any pod labeled with configValidator: client to access the config-validator service. All other ingrress is denied.

All Configuration Options

The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Forseti Security chart and their default values. Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install. For example,

helm install forseti-security/config-validator \
    --name config-validator
Parameter Description Default
image This is the container image used by the config-validator
imageTag This is the tag for the config-validator image. latest
policyLibrary.gitSync.image This is the container image used by the config-validator git-sync side-car
policyLibrary.gitSync.imageTag This is the container image tag used by the config-validator git-sync side-car v3.1.2
policyLibrary.gitSync.privateSSHKey This is the private OpenSSH key generated to allow the git-sync to clone the policy library repository over SSH. Omitting this value will sync the policy-library over HTTPS. nil
policyLibrary.gitSync.wait This is the time number of seconds between git-syncs 30
loadBalancer Deploy a Load Balancer allowing access to the Forseti server [‘none’, ‘internal’, ‘external’] none
networkPolicy.enabled Enable pod network policy to limit the connectivty to the server. false
networkPolicy.ingressCidr A list of CIDR’s from which to allow communication to the server. This is only relevant for client connectivity from outside the Kubernetes cluster. []
nodeSelectors A list of strings in the form of label=value describing on which nodes to run the Forseti on-GKE pods. nil
policyLibrary.bucket The GCS storage bucket containing the policy-library. This overrides policyLibrary.respositoryURL. Omit the gs://. nil
policyLibrary.bucketFolder The folder inside the policyLibrary.bucket containing all the policy-library lib and policies folders policy-library
policyLibrary.repositoryURL The Git repository containing the policy-library.
policyLibrary.repositoryBranch The specific git branch containing the policies. master
workloadIdentity A GCP IAM Service account with the storage.objects.list (e.g. roles/storage.objectViewer) Setting this assumes that workloadIdentity is configured for the GKE cluster. nil