Chart version: 0.3.3
Api version: v2
App version: 0.2
A Validating Webhook Admission Controller that utilizes Fairwin...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install insights-admission center/fairwinds-stable/insights-admission
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Fairwinds Insights Admission Controller


This is an Admission Controller to reject deployment of objects into your Kubernetes cluster that woudld create dangerous action items in Fairwinds Insights


A valid TLS certificate is required for this admission controller to work. If you have cert-manager installed then everything should work out of the box. If you don’t use cert-manager and don’t want to install it then you can supply a CA Bundle with the caBundle parameter and create a TLS secret and pass the name of that secret as secretName.

helm repo add fairwinds-stable
helm install insights-admission fairwinds-stable/insights-admission \
  --namespace insights-admission \
  --set insights.organization=acme-co \
  --set insights.cluster=staging \
  --set insights.base64token="dG9rZW4="

If you have an additional type of object to monitor with this admission controller then you can add a values file that looks like this.

- apiGroups:
  - custom
  - v1
  - customResource
  scope: Namespaced


Key Type Default Description
insights.organization string "" The name of your Organization from Fairwinds Insights
insights.cluster string "" The name of your cluster from Fairwinds Insights string "" Override the hostname for Fairwinds Insights
insights.base64token string "" The token for your cluster from the Cluster Settings page in Fairwinds Insights. This should already be base64 encoded.
insights.secret.create bool true Create a secret containing the base64 encoded token.
insights.secret.nameOverride string nil The name of the secret to use.
insights.secret.suffix string "token" The suffix to add onto the relase name to get the secret that contains the base64 token
insights.configmap.create bool true Create a config map with Insights configuration
insights.configmap.nameOverride string nil The name of the configmap to use.
insights.configmap.suffix string "configmap" The suffix to add onto the release name to get the configmap that contains the host/organization/cluster
webhookConfig.failurePolicy string "Fail" failurePolicy for the ValidatingWebhookConfiguration
webhookConfig.matchPolicy string "Exact" matchPolicy for the ValidatingWebhookConfiguration
webhookConfig.namespaceSelector object {"matchExpressions":[{"key":"control-plane","operator":"DoesNotExist"}]} namespaceSelector for the ValidatingWebhookConfiguration
webhookConfig.objectSelector object {} objectSelector for the ValidatingWebhookConfiguration
webhookConfig.rules list [] An array of additional for the ValidatingWebhookConfiguration. Each requires a set of apiGroups, apiVersions, operations, resources, and a scope.
webhookConfig.defaultRules list [{"apiGroups":["apps"],"apiVersions":["v1","v1beta1","v1beta2"],"operations":["CREATE","UPDATE"],"resources":["daemonsets","deployments","statefulsets"],"scope":"Namespaced"},{"apiGroups":["batch"],"apiVersions":["v1","v1beta1"],"operations":["CREATE","UPDATE"],"resources":["jobs","cronjobs"],"scope":"Namespaced"},{"apiGroups":[""],"apiVersions":["v1"],"operations":["CREATE","UPDATE"],"resources":["pods","replicationcontrollers"],"scope":"Namespaced"}] An array of rules for commons types for the ValidatingWebhookConfiguration
resources object {"limits":{"cpu":1,"memory":"2Gi"},"requests":{"cpu":"100m","memory":"128Mi"}} A resources block for the controller.
image.repository string "" Repository for the Insights Admission Controller image
image.pullPolicy string "Always" imagePullPolicy - Highly recommended to leave this as ‘Always’
image.tag string "" The Insights admission controller tag to use. Defaults to the Chart’s AppVersion
imagePullSecrets list [] Secrets to use when pulling this image.
replicaCount int 2 The number of pods to run for the admission contrller.
autoscaling.enabled bool false Autoscale instead of a static number of pods running.
autoscaling.minReplicas int 2 Minimum number of pods to run.
autoscaling.maxReplicas int 5 Maximum number of pods to run.
autoscaling.targetCPUUtilizationPercentage int 80 Target CPU to scale towards.
autoscaling.targetMemoryUtilizationPercentage string nil Target memory to scale towards.
nameOverride string "" Overrides the name of the release.
fullnameOverride string "" Long name of the release to override.
serviceAccount.create bool true Specifies whether a service account should be created
serviceAccount.annotations object {} Annotations to add to the service account string "" The name of the service account to use. If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template
serviceAccount.rbac.viewSecrets bool false Grant the admission controller access to view secrets
serviceAccount.rbac.grantRole string nil Grant the admission controller access to a given role (such as view)
serviceAccount.rbac.additionalAccess string nil Grant the admission controller access to additional objects. This should contain an array of objects with each having an array of apiGroups, an array of resources, and an array of verbs. Just like a Role.
podAnnotations object {} Annotations to add to each pod.
podSecurityContext object {} Security Context for the entire pod.
securityContext object {"capabilities":{"drop":["ALL"]},"readOnlyRootFilesystem":true,"runAsNonRoot":true,"runAsUser":15000} Security Context for the container.
service.type string "ClusterIP" Type of service to create.
service.port int 443 Port to use for the service.
nodeSelector object {} nodSelector to add to the controller.
tolerations list [] Toleratations to add to the controller.
affinity object {} Pod affinity/anti-affinity rules
caBundle string "" If you are providing your own certificate then this is the Certificate Authority for that certificate
secretName string "" If you are providing your own certificate then this is the name of the secret holding the certificate.
clusterDomain string "cluster.local" The base domain to use for cluster DNS
test object {"enabled":false,"image":{"repository":"python","tag":"3.8-alpine"}} Used for chart CI only - deploys a test deployment