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Chart version: 1.0.7
Api version: v1
App version: 1.5.3
Emit datadog monitors based on kubernetes state.
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install astro center/fairwinds-stable/astro
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Astro was designed to simplify datadog monitor administration. This is an operator that emits datadog monitors based on kubernetes state. The operator responds to changes of resources in your kubernetes cluster and will manage datadog monitors based on the configured state.

More information about astro is available on GitHub.


We recommend installing astro in its own namespace and with a simple release name:

helm repo add fairwinds-stable
helm install astro fairwinds-stable/astro --namespace astro

Changes to chart values in 1.0.0+

When upgrading from a chart version below 1.0.0 to 1.0.0+ take into account the following changes in values:

< 1.0.0 Value 1.0.0+ Value
controller.rbac.create rbac.create
controller.serviceAccount.create deployment.serviceAccount.create

New values that were previously not available: - deployment.replicas


Kubernetes 1.11+, Helm 2.13+


Key Type Default Description
image.repository string "" Docker image repo
image.tag string "v1.5.3" Docker image tag
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Docker image pull policy
resources object {"limits":{"cpu":"100m","memory":"128Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"100m","memory":"128Mi"}} The resources block for the deployment.
nodeSelector object {} Deployment ndoeSelector
tolerations list [] Deployment tolerations
affinity object {} Deployment affinity
datadog.apiKey string "" Datadog API key
datadog.appKey string "" Datadog app key
rbac.create bool true If true, RBAC resources will be created.
deployment.serviceAccount.create bool true If true, a service account will be created. If false, you must set string nil The name of an existing service account to use.
deployment.replicas int 2 The number of replicas to use.
secret.create bool true If true, a secret with API credentials will be created. If false, you must set string nil The name of an existing secret to mount to the container.
definitionsPath string "conf.yml" The path to the monitor definitions configuration. This can be a local path or a URL.
owner string "astro" A unique name to designate as teh owner. This will be applied as a tag to identified managed monitors.
dryRun bool false When set to true monitors will not be managed in datadog.
custom_config.enabled bool false If true a custom configuration must be specified in string ”” An astro configuration file. See the Astro repo readme for more details.