Chart version: 1.1.2
Api version: v2
App version: v1.1.0
A turnkey solution for Kubernetes networking with aim to provid...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
Install Chart:
helm install kube-router center/enix/kube-router
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A turnkey solution for Kubernetes networking with aim to provide operational simplicity and high performance.


$ helm repo add enix https://charts.enix.io/
$ helm install my-release enix/kube-router

Source code can be found here

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name my-release:

$ helm install my-release enix/kube-router

The command deploys Kube-Router on the Kubernetes cluster in the default configuration. The Chart Values section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.

Tip: List all releases using helm list

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the my-release deployment:

$ helm delete my-release

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.

Chart Values

Key Type Default Description
fullnameOverride string "" String to fully override mosquitto.fullname template with a string
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Kube-Router image pull policy
image.repository string "docker.io/cloudnativelabs/kube-router" Kube-Router image
image.tag string nil Override the kube-router image tag
imagePullSecrets list [] Docker-registry secret names as an array
kubeRouter.apiServerUrl string nil URL of the API server. If you use Kube-Router as service-proxy, use a reliable way to contact your masters
kubeRouter.cacheSyncTimeout string nil The timeout for cache synchronization (e.g. ‘5s’, ‘1m’). Must be greater than 0
kubeRouter.cni.config string "{\n \"cniVersion\":\"0.3.0\",\n \"name\":\"mynet\",\n \"plugins\":[\n {\n \"name\":\"kubernetes\",\n \"type\":\"bridge\",\n \"bridge\":\"kube-bridge\",\n \"isDefaultGateway\":true,\n \"hairpinMode\":true,\n \"ipam\":{\n \"type\":\"host-local\"\n }\n },\n {\n \"type\":\"portmap\",\n \"capabilities\":{\n \"snat\":true,\n \"portMappings\":true\n }\n }\n ]\n}\n"
kubeRouter.cni.downloadUrl string "https://github.com/containernetworking/plugins/releases/download/${CNI_VERSION}/cni-plugins-amd64-${CNI_VERSION}.tgz"
kubeRouter.cni.install bool false
kubeRouter.cni.installPath string "/opt/cni/bin"
kubeRouter.cni.version string "v0.7.5"
kubeRouter.enablePprof string nil Enables pprof for debugging performance and memory leak issues
kubeRouter.extraArgs list [] Extra arguments to pass to kube-router
kubeRouter.firewall.enabled bool true Enables Network Policy, sets up iptables to provide ingress firewall for pods
kubeRouter.firewall.iptablesSyncPeriod string nil The delay between iptables rule synchronizations (e.g. ‘5s’, ‘1m’). Must be greater than 0
kubeRouter.healthPort string nil Health check port, 0 = Disabled
kubeRouter.metrics.path string nil Prometheus metrics path
kubeRouter.metrics.port string nil Prometheus metrics port (set 0 to disable)
kubeRouter.router.advertiseClusterIp string nil Add Cluster IP of the service to the RIB so that it gets advertises to the BGP peers (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.advertiseExternalIp string nil Add External IP of service to the RIB so that it gets advertised to the BGP peers (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.advertiseLoadbalancerIp string nil Add LoadbBalancer IP of service status as set by the LB provider to the RIB so that it gets advertised to the BGP peers (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.advertisePodCidr string nil Add Node’s POD cidr to the RIB so that it gets advertised to the BGP peers (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.bgpGracefulRestart string nil Enables the BGP Graceful Restart capability so that routes are preserved on unexpected restarts
kubeRouter.router.bgpGracefulRestartDeferralTime string nil BGP Graceful restart deferral time according to RFC4724 4.1, maximum 18h
kubeRouter.router.bgpPort string nil The port open for incoming BGP connections and to use for connecting with other BGP peers
kubeRouter.router.bgpRouterId string nil BGP router-id. Must be specified in a ipv6 only cluster
kubeRouter.router.clusterAsn string nil ASN number under which cluster nodes will run iBGP
kubeRouter.router.disableSourceDestCheck string nil Disable the source-dest-check attribute for AWS EC2 instances. When this option is false, it must be set some other way (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.enableCni string nil Enable CNI plugin. Disable if you want to use kube-router features alongside another CNI plugin (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.enableIbgp string nil Enables peering with nodes with the same ASN, if disabled will only peer with external BGP peers (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.enableOverlay string nil Enable IP-in-IP tunneling for pod-to-pod networking across nodes in different subnets (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.enablePodEgress string nil SNAT traffic from Pods to destinations outside the cluster (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.enabled bool true Enables Pod Networking, Advertises and learns the routes to Pods via iBGP
kubeRouter.router.nodesFullMesh string nil Each node in the cluster will setup BGP peering with rest of the nodes (true or false)
kubeRouter.router.overlayType string nil Topology of overlay network. Possible values: subnet or full.
kubeRouter.router.overrideNexthop string nil Override the next-hop in bgp routes sent to peers with the local ip
kubeRouter.router.peerRouterMultihopTtl string nil Enable eBGP multihop supports (Relevant only if ttl >= 2)
kubeRouter.router.peers list [] List of external BGP peers, see values.yaml for example
kubeRouter.router.routesSyncPeriod string nil The delay between route updates and advertisements (e.g. ‘5s’, ‘1m’, ‘2h22m’). Must be greater than 0
kubeRouter.serviceProxy.enabled bool false Enables Service Proxy, sets up IPVS for Kubernetes Services
kubeRouter.serviceProxy.excludedCidrs string nil Excluded CIDRs are used to exclude IPVS rules from deletion
kubeRouter.serviceProxy.hairpinMode string nil Add iptables rules for every Service Endpoint to support hairpin traffic (true or false)
kubeRouter.serviceProxy.ipvsGracefulPeriod string nil The graceful period before removing destinations from IPVS services (e.g. ‘5s’, ‘1m’, ‘2h22m’). Must be greater than 0
kubeRouter.serviceProxy.ipvsGracefulTermination string nil Enables the experimental IPVS graceful terminaton capability (true or false)
kubeRouter.serviceProxy.ipvsPermitAll string nil Enables rule to accept all incoming traffic to service VIP’s on the node (true or false)
kubeRouter.serviceProxy.ipvsSyncPeriod string nil The delay between ipvs config synchronizations (e.g. ‘5s’, ‘1m’, ‘2h22m’). Must be greater than 0
kubeRouter.serviceProxy.masqueradeAll string nil SNAT all traffic to cluster IP/node port (true or false)
kubeRouter.serviceProxy.nodeportBindonAllIp string nil For service of NodePort type create IPVS service that listens on all IP’s of the node (true or false)
livenessProbe object {"httpGet":{"path":"/healthz","port":20244},"initialDelaySeconds":10,"periodSeconds":3} Liveness probe for the kube-router workload
nameOverride string "" String to partially override kube-router.fullname template with a string (will prepend the release name)
nodeSelector object {} Kube-Router labels for pod assignment
readinessProbe object `{“exec”:{“command”:[“sh”,“-c”,“neighbors=\”$(/usr/local/bin/gobgp neighbor 2>/dev/null tail -n +2)\“; test $(echo \”$neighbors\”
resources object {"requests":{"cpu":"250m","memory":"250Mi"}} CPU/Memory resource requests/limits
tolerations list [{"key":"CriticalAddonsOnly","operator":"Exists"},{"effect":"NoSchedule","key":"node-role.kubernetes.io/master","operator":"Exists"},{"effect":"NoSchedule","key":"node.kubernetes.io/not-ready","operator":"Exists"},{"effect":"NoSchedule","key":"node-role.kubernetes.io/controlplane","operator":"Exists"},{"effect":"NoExecute","key":"node-role.kubernetes.io/etcd","operator":"Exists"}] Kube-Router labels for tolerations pod assignment
updateStrategy object {"rollingUpdate":{"maxUnavailable":1},"type":"RollingUpdate"} Update strategy to use when upgrading workload


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