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Chart version: 2.4.1
Api version: v2
App version: v2.4.1
Dothill (Seagate) AssuredSAN dynamic provisioner for Kubernetes...
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install dothill-provisioner center/enix/dothill-provisioner
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Version: 2.4.1 Type: application AppVersion: v2.4.1

Dothill (Seagate) AssuredSAN dynamic provisioner for Kubernetes (CSI plugin).

📜 Using the Chart

Installing the Chart

Create a file named dothill-provisioner.values.yaml with your values, with the help of Chart Values.

Add our Charts repository:

$ helm repo add enix

Install the dothill-provisioner with release name dothill-provisioner in the dothill-system namespace:

$ helm install -n dothill-system dothill-provisioner enix/dothill-provisioner --values dothill-provisioner.values.yaml

The upgrade command is used to change configuration when values are modified:

$ helm upgrade -n dothill-system dothill-provisioner enix/dothill-provisioner --values dothill-provisioner.values.yaml

Upgrading the Chart

Update Helm repositories:

$ helm repo update

Upgrade release names dothill-provisioner to the latest version:

$ helm upgrade dothill-provisioner enix/dothill-provisioner

Creating a storage class

In order to dynamically provision persistants volumes, you first need to create a storage class:

kind: StorageClass
provisioner: # Required for the plugin to recognize this storage class as handled by itself.
volumeBindingMode: WaitForFirstConsumer # Prefer this value to avoid unschedulable pods (
  name: my-marvelous-storage # Choose the name that fits the best with your StorageClass.
  # Secrets name and namespace, they can be the same for provisioner, controller-publish and controller-expand sections. dothill-api dothill-system dothill-api dothill-system dothill-api dothill-system
  fsType: ext4 # Desired filesystem
  iqn: # Appliance IQN
  pool: A # Pool to use on the IQN to provision volumes
  portals:, # Comma separated list of portal ips. (One per controller should be enough).

And the associated secret:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: dothill-api
  namespace: dothill-system
type: Opaque
  apiAddress: aHR0cHM6Ly8xMC4wLjAuNDI= # base64 encoded api address
  username: am9obi5kb2U= # base64 encoded username
  password: bXktU0BmZStwYXNzdzByZCE= # base64 encoded password


Name Email Url
Paul Laffitte
Arthur Chaloin


Key Type Default Description
controller.extraArgs list [] Extra arguments for dothill-controller container
csiAttacher object {"extraArgs":[],"image":{"repository":"","tag":"v2.2.1"},"timeout":"30s"} Controller sidecar for attachment handling
csiAttacher.extraArgs list [] Extra arguments for csi-attacher controller sidecar
csiAttacher.timeout string "30s" Timeout for gRPC calls from the csi-attacher to the controller
csiNodeRegistrar object {"extraArgs":[],"image":{"repository":"","tag":"v2.1.0"}} Node sidecar for plugin registration
csiNodeRegistrar.extraArgs list [] Extra arguments for csi-node-registrar node sidecar
csiProvisioner object {"extraArgs":[],"image":{"repository":"","tag":"v2.1.0"},"timeout":"30s"} Controller sidecar for provisionning
csiProvisioner.extraArgs list [] Extra arguments for csi-provisioner controller sidecar
csiProvisioner.timeout string "30s" Timeout for gRPC calls from the csi-provisioner to the controller
csiResizer object {"extraArgs":[],"image":{"repository":"","tag":"v1.1.0"}} Controller sidecar for volume expansion
csiResizer.extraArgs list [] Extra arguments for csi-resizer controller sidecar
image.repository string "" Docker repository to use for nodes and controller
image.tag string The chart will use the appVersion value by default if not given. Tag to use for nodes and controller
kubeletPath string "/var/lib/kubelet" Path to kubelet
multipathd.extraArgs list [] Extra arguments for multipathd containers
node.extraArgs list [] Extra arguments for dothill-node containers
nodeLivenessProbe object {"extraArgs":[],"image":{"repository":"","tag":"v2.2.0"}} Container that convert CSI liveness probe to kubernetes liveness/readiness probe
nodeLivenessProbe.extraArgs list [] Extra arguments for the node’s liveness probe containers
nodeServer.nodeAffinity string nil Kubernetes nodeAffinity field for dothill-node-server Pod
nodeServer.nodeSelector string nil Kubernetes nodeSelector field for dothill-node-server Pod
pspAdmissionControllerEnabled bool false Wether psp admission controller has been enabled in the cluster or not