Chart version: 0.16.2
Api version: v2
App version: 6.0.16
A Helm chart for KeyDB multimaster setup
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
Install Chart:
helm install keydb center/enapter/keydb
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KeyDB clocks in at 5X faster than Redis (node vs node). KeyDB is a popular drop in Redis alternative that people flock to because it enables you to consolidate a lot of the complexities associated with Redis. KeyDB is multithreaded with the ability to use several storage mediums natively and scale vertically. The superior architecture is enabling KeyDB to become the bridge between cache layer and traditional databases offering performance and durability.


helm repo add enapter https://enapter.github.io/charts/
helm install keydb enapter/keydb


This chart bootstraps a KeyDB highly available multi-master statefulset in a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.


  • PV provisioner support in the underlying infrastructure if you want to enable persistence

Installing the Chart

To install the chart

helm repo add enapter https://enapter.github.io/charts/
helm install keydb enapter/keydb


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the KeyDB chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
image KeyDB docker image eqalpha/keydb:x86_64_v6.0.16
imagePullPolicy K8s imagePullPolicy IfNotPresent
nodes Number of KeyDB master pods 3
password If enabled KeyDB servers are password-protected ""
port KeyDB service port clients connect to 6379
threads KeyDB server-threads per node 2
appendonly KeyDB appendonly setting "no"
configExtraArgs Additional configuration arguments for KeyDB {}
podAnnotations KeyDB pods annotations {}
tolerations KeyDB tolerations setting {}
additionalAffinities Additional affinities for StatefulSet {}
livenessProbe LivenessProbe for KeyDB pods Look values.yaml
readinessProbe ReadinessProbe for KeyDB pods Look values.yaml
startupProbe StartupProbe for KeyDB pods Look values.yaml
persistentVolume.enabled Should PVC be created via volumeClaimTemplates true
persistentVolume.accessModes Volume access modes [ReadWriteOnce]
persistentVolume.size Size of the volume 1Gi
persistentVolume.storageClass StorageClassName for volume ā€œ
resources Resources for KeyDB containers {}
securityContext SecurityContext for KeyDB pods {}
service.annotations Service annotations {}
loadBalancer.enabled Create LoadBalancer service false
loadBalancer.annotations Annotations for LB {}
loadBalancer.extraSpec Additional spec for LB {}
serviceMonitor.enabled Prometheus operator ServiceMonitor false
serviceMonitor.labels Additional labels for ServiceMonitor {}
serviceMonitor.annotations Additional annotations for ServiceMonitor {}
serviceMonitor.interval ServiceMonitor scrape interval 30s
serviceMonitor.scrapeTimeout ServiceMonitor scrape timeout nil
exporter.enabled Prometheus Exporter sidecar contaner false
exporter.image Exporter Image oliver006/redis_exporter:v1.12.1-alpine
exporter.pullPolicy Exporter imagePullPolicy IfNotPresent
exporter.port prometheus.io/port 9121
exporter.scrapePath prometheus.io/path /metrics
exporter.livenessProbe LivenessProbe for sidecar Prometheus exporter Look values.yaml
exporter.readinessProbe ReadinessProbe for sidecar Prometheus exporter Look values.yaml
exporter.startupProbe StartupProbe for sidecar Prometheus exporter Look values.yaml
exporter.resources Resources for sidecar Prometheus container {}
exporter.extraArgs Additional arguments for exporter {}