Chart version: 0.0.1
Api version: v2
App version: v1.2.1
Serverless platform for running JavaScript on Slash GraphQL (or...
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Set me up:
helm repo add center https://repo.chartcenter.io
Install Chart:
helm install dgraph-lambda center/dgraph/dgraph-lambda
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dgraph-lambda helm chart


helm repo add dgraph https://charts.dgraph.io
helm install "my-lambda" dgraph/dgraph-lambda



  • Kubernetes 1.16+
  • Helm 3.0+
  • Dgraph v20.11.0 or greater
    • configured with graphql_lambda_url


In order to use dgraph-lambda, you must do the following:

  1. deploy Dgraph Alpha configured to point to dgraph-lambda
  2. configure lambda script helm override values for dgraph-lambda
  3. deploy Dgraph Lambda service configured to point to Dgraph Alpha services
  4. add GraphQL schema for the resolvers added by the lambda script


For these steps, set up the following environment variables:

export NS=default
export LAMBDA_REL=my-lambda
export DGRAPH_REL=my-release

Deploy Dgraph Alpha

Dgraph Alpha will need to be configured with the --graphql_lambda_url argument (see: lambda server) to support dgraph-lambda. You can use environment variables to configure this:

helm install $DGRAPH_REL dgraph/dgraph \
  --namespace $NS \
  --set alpha.extraEnvs[0].name=DGRAPH_ALPHA_GRAPHQL_LAMBDA_URL \
  --set alpha.extraEnvs[0].value=http://$LAMBDA_REL-dgraph-lambda.$NS.svc:80/graphql-worker

The DGRAPH_ALPHA_GRAPHQL_LAMBDA_URL environment variable will point to Dgraph Lambda service that will be deployed in the next step. The format Dgraph Lambda domain name is formatted as the following:


Configure Lambda script

First we can create a Helm override values with the lambda script embedded into it like the example below:

# my-lambda.yaml
  enabled: true
  script: |
    async function authorsByName({args, dql}) {
        const results = await dql.query(`query queryAuthor($name: string) {
            queryAuthor(func: type(Author)) @filter(eq(Author.name, $name)) {
                name: Author.name
                dob: Author.dob
                reputation: Author.reputation
        }`, {"$name": args.name})
        return results.data.queryAuthor

    async function newAuthor({args, graphql}) {
        // lets give every new author a reputation of 3 by default
        const results = await graphql(`mutation ($name: String!) {
            addAuthor(input: [{name: $name, reputation: 3.0 }]) {
                author {
        }`, {"name": args.name})
        return results.data.addAuthor.author[0].id

        "Query.authorsByName": authorsByName,
        "Mutation.newAuthor": newAuthor

Deploy Dgraph Lambda

We can deploy the example above, named my-lambda.yaml, with the follwing:

helm install $LAMBDA_REL dgraph/dgraph-lambda \
  --namespace $NS \
  --values my-lambda.yaml \
  --set env[0].name=DGRAPH_URL \
  --set env[0].value=http://$DGRAPH_REL-dgraph-alpha-headless.$NS.svc:8080

The DGRAPH_URL environment variable will point to Dgraph Alpha service deployed in the previous step. The format Dgraph Alpha domain name is formatted as the following:


Add GraphQL schema

After deploying both services with the lambda script, upload a schema:

## create schema file
cat <<-EOF > my-schema.graphql
type Author {
    id: ID!
    name: String! @search(by: [hash, trigram])
    dob: DateTime
    reputation: Float

type Query {
    authorsByName(name: String!): [Author] @lambda

type Mutation {
    newAuthor(name: String!): ID! @lambda

## port-forward Dgraph Alpha
kubectl port-forward --namespace $NS $DGRAPH_REL-dgraph-alpha-0 8080:8080

## upload schema file
curl http://localhost:8080/admin/schema --upload-file my-schema.graphql


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the dgraph chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
replicaCount number of Kubernetes replicas 1
image.repository Container repository name dgraph/dgraph-lambda
image.pullPolicy Container image pull policy IfNotPresent
image.tag Container image tag v20.11.0
imagePullSecrets Image pull secrets auth tokens used to access a private registry []
nameOverride Name override of the default chart name ""
fullnameOverride Full Name override of the release name + chart name ""
script.enabled Enable adding a lambda script false
script.script Embedded lambda script stored in a config map ""
env Environment variables see values.yaml
serviceAccount.create Specifies if service account should be created true
serviceAccount.annotations Service Account annotations {}
serviceAccount.name Service Account name ""
podAnnotations Additional pod annotations {}
podSecurityContext Pod Security context to define privilege and access control {}
securityContext Container Security context to define privilege and access control {}
service.type Service type (ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer) ClusterIP
service.port Service inbound port 80
service.targetPort Service targetPort of dgraph-lambda service 8686
ingress.enabled Ingress enabled false
ingress.annotations Ingress annotations {}
ingress.hosts Ingress hosts list to configure virtual hosts + routes to the service see values.yaml
ingress.tls Ingress tls configuration []
resources Resource limites and requests {}
nodeSelector Node selection constraints {}
tolerations Allow scheduling pods onto nodes matching specified taints []
affinity Affinity configuration to allow nodes to scheduled on desired nodes {}