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Chart version: 0.1.10
Api version: v1
App version: 2.3.2
A CodiMD Helm chart for Kubernetes
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install codimd center/codimd/codimd
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CodiMD is a realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms.

Look at CodiMD Documentation for detail setting.


  • Kubernetes 1.14+
  • Helm 2.16+ or Helm 3.0+
  • PV provisioner support in the underlying infrastructure

How to use?

$ helm repo add codimd
$ helm install my-release codimd/codimd


Common Helm parameters

If you use AWS EKS, please setup global.storageClass as gp2

Parameter Description Default
storageClass default storageClass for PersistenVolume nil
nameOverride String to partially override codimd.fullname template with a string (will prepend the release name) nil
fullnameOverride String to fully override codimd.fullname template with a string nil

Docker image parameters

Parameter Description Default
image.registry CodiMD docker image registry
image.repository CodiMD docker image repository hackmdio/hackmd
image.tag CodiMD docker image version tag 2.2.0
image.pullPolicy CodiMD docker image pull policy IfNotPresent
image.pullSecrets CodiMD docker image pull secrets []

Deploy an internal database parameters

This Helm chart contains postgreSQL and mariaDB, you just select one database to deploy. if you want to use external database (maybe cloud provider service or self-hosted database), just set postgresql.enabled and mariadb.enabled to be false and manuall assign database connection parameters in codimd.database.

Parameter Description Default
postgresql.enabled Deploy a PostgreSQL server as database true
postgresql.volumePermissions Enable database persistence using PVC true
postgresql.postgresqlUsername Database user to create codimd
postgresql.postgresqlPassword Password for the database changeme
postgresql.postgresqlDatabase Database name to create codimd
mariadb.enabled Deploy a MariaDB server as database false
mariadb.volumePermissions.enabled Enable database persistence using PVC true
mariadb.db.user Database user to create codimd
mariadb.db.password Password for the database changeme Database name to create codimd
mariadb.master.persistence.enabled Enable database persistence using PVC true
mariadb.replication.enabled MariaDB replication enabled false

Networking conectivity parameters

If you want use ingress, please set service.type to be ClusterIP

Parameter Description Default
service.type Kubernetes Service type LoadBalancer
service.port Service HTTP port 80
service.externalTrafficPolicy Service externalTrafficPolicy nil
service.loadBalancerIP Service loadBalancerIP nil
ingress.enabled If true Ingress will be created false
ingress.annotations Ingress annotations nil
ingress.hosts Ingress hostnames nil
ingress.tls Ingress TLS configuration (YAML) nil

CodiMD common parameters

Parameter Description Default
codimd.affinity Affinity for pod assignment nil
codimd.tolerations Tolerations for pod assignment nil
codimd.nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment nil
codimd.podAnnotations Extra annotation for pod nil
codimd.securityContext.runAsGroup Group ID for the CodiMD container 1500
codimd.securityContext.runAsUser User ID for the CodiMD container 1500
codimd.securityContext.fsGroup Group ID for the CodiMD filesystem 1500
codimd.securityContext.runAsNonRoot Run non root in CodiMD container trrue
codimd.connection.domain The domain name your service will be hosted. nil
codimd.connection.urlAddPort Set to assign port for URL. (You don’t need this for ports 80 or 443. This only works when domain is set) false
codimd.connection.protocolUseSSL Use SSL protocol for resources path (applied only when domain is set). false
codimd.database.type The external database type (only accept postgres, mysql) nil The host of external database nil
codimd.database.port The port of external database nil
codimd.database.username The username that connects to external database nil
codimd.database.password The password that connects to external database nil
codimd.database.databaseName The external database name we used nil
codimd.imageUpload.storeType The type of image storage filesystem
codimd.imageUpload.imgur.clientId The Imgur OAuth ClientID nil The Azure image store connection string nil The Azure image store container name nil
codimd.imageUpload.lutim.url The lutim URL nil
codimd.imageUpload.minio.endpoint The minio endpoint nil The minio endpoint is secure or not nil
codimd.imageUpload.minio.port The minio port nil
codimd.imageUpload.minio.accessKey The minio access key nil
codimd.imageUpload.minio.secretKey The minio secret key nil
codimd.imageUpload.s3.endpoint The AWS s3 endpoint nil
codimd.imageUpload.s3.region The AWS s3 region nil
codimd.imageUpload.s3.accessKeyId The AWS s3 access key nil
codimd.imageUpload.s3.secretKey The AWS s3 secret key nil
codimd.imageUpload.s3.bucket The AWS s3 bucket name nil
codimd.imageStorePersistentVolume.enabled Enable image persistence using PVC true
codimd.imageStorePersistentVolume.size The size of persistence volume 10Gi
codimd.imageStorePersistentVolume.storageClass The storageClass of persistence volume -
codimd.imageStorePersistentVolume.accessModes The accessModes of persistence volume [ReadWriteOnce]
codimd.imageStorePersistentVolume.volumeMode The volumeMode of persistence volume Filesystem
codimd.versionCheck Enable automatically version checker true Whether CodiMD would use static assets served on CDN false The secret string to sign session, please must change this value changeit The time to expire for session 1209600000 Whether HTST is enabled or not true 31536000 false true Whether CSP is enabled or not true nil nil true
codimd.allowPDFExport false
codimd.responseMaxLag 70
codimd.noteCreation.freeUrlEnabled Allow using free url to create note false
codimd.noteCreation.freeUrlForbiddenNoteIds robots.txt,favicon.ico,api
codimd.noteCreation.defaultPermission The default permission for note created editable
codimd.notePermission.allowAnonymousEdit Enable anonymouse edit true
codimd.notePermission.allowAnonymousView Enable anonymouse view true
codimd.markdown.plantUMLServer nil
codimd.markdown.useHardBreak true
codimd.markdown.linkifyHeaderStyle keep-case
codimd.extraEnvironmentVariables Extra environment variable for CodiMD container {}

CodiMD Authentication Method parameters

Parameter Description Default
codimd.authentication.local.enabled Enable to use email for auth true
codimd.authentication.local.allowRegister Allow register with email true
codimd.authentication.bitbucket.enabled Enable to use BitBucket for auth false
codimd.authentication.bitbucket.key OAuth key for BitBucket auth nil
codimd.authentication.bitbucket.secret OAuth secret for BitBucket auth nil
codimd.authentication.dropbox.enabled Enable to use Dropbox for auth false
codimd.authentication.dropbox.appKey OAuth app key for Dropbox auth nil
codimd.authentication.dropbox.appSecret OAuth app secret for Dropbox auth nil
codimd.authentication.facebook.enabled Enable to use Facebook for auth false
codimd.authentication.facebook.clientId OAuth client id for Facebook auth nil
codimd.authentication.facebook.secret OAuth secret for Facebook auth nil
codimd.authentication.github.enabled Enable to use GitHub for auth false
codimd.authentication.github.clientId OAuth client id for GitHub auth nil
codimd.authentication.github.secret OAuth secret for GitHub auth nil
codimd.authentication.github.enterpriseUrl GitHub Enterprise OAuth endpoint url for GitHub auth nil
codimd.authentication.gitlab.enabled Enable to use GitLab for auth false
codimd.authentication.gitlab.domain GitLab instance domain for GitLab auth nil
codimd.authentication.gitlab.scope OAuth scope for GitLab auth nil
codimd.authentication.gitlab.applicationId OAuth application id for GitLab auth nil
codimd.authentication.gitlab.secret OAuth secret for GitLab auth nil Enable to use Google for auth false OAuth client id for Google auth nil OAuth secret for Google auth nil Google hosted OAuth domain for Google auth nil
codimd.authentication.ldap.enabled Enable to use LDAP for auth false
codimd.authentication.ldap.providerName See the LDAP doc nil
codimd.authentication.ldap.url nil
codimd.authentication.ldap.tlsCA nil
codimd.authentication.ldap.bindDN nil
codimd.authentication.ldap.bindCredentials nil
codimd.authentication.ldap.searchBase nil
codimd.authentication.ldap.searchFilter nil
codimd.authentication.ldap.searchAttributes nil nil
codimd.authentication.ldap.attributes.username nil
codimd.authentication.mattermost.enabled Enable to use Mattermost for auth false
codimd.authentication.mattermost.domain OAuth doamin for Mattermost auth nil
codimd.authentication.mattermost.clientId OAuth client id for Mattermost auth nil
codimd.authentication.mattermost.secret OAuth secret for Mattermost auth nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.enabled See the OAuth2 doc false
codimd.authentication.oauth2.providerName nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.domain nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.clientId nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.secret nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.authorizationUrl nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.tokenUrl nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.userProfileUrl nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.scope nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.attributes.username nil
codimd.authentication.oauth2.attributes.displayName nil nil
codimd.authentication.openID.enabled See the OpenID doc false
codimd.authentication.saml.enabled See the SAML doc false
codimd.authentication.saml.idpSSOUrl nil
codimd.authentication.saml.idpCert nil
codimd.authentication.saml.issuer nil
codimd.authentication.saml.identifierFormat nil
codimd.authentication.saml.disableRequestedAuthnContext nil
codimd.authentication.saml.groupAttribute nil
codimd.authentication.saml.externalGroups nil
codimd.authentication.saml.requiredGroups nil nil
codimd.authentication.saml.attributes.username nil nil
codimd.authentication.twitter.enabled Enable to use Twitter for auth false
codimd.authentication.twitter.consumerKey OAuth consumer key for Twitter auth nil
codimd.authentication.twitter.comsumerSecret OAuth consumer secret for Twitter auth nil