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Chart version: 0.1.6
Api version: v1
App version: 0.1.3
A Helm chart that deploys a mutating admission webhook that con...
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install spot-config-webhook center/banzaicloud-stable/spot-config-webhook
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Spot config webhook

This chart will install a mutating admission webhook, that annotates pods in a deployment with a specific annotation that works with BanzaiCloud’s spot-scheduler. Pods are annotated based on a specific configmap that’s updated by Pipeline. The webhook also sets “spot-scheduler” as schedulerName for these pods.

Installing the Chart

$ helm repo add banzaicloud-stable
$ helm repo update
$ helm install --name <name> banzaicloud-stable/spot-config-webhook


The following tables lists configurable parameters of the spot-config-webhook chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
replicaCount number of replicas 1
logVerbosity log verbosity level 8 group of registered api service
apiService.version version of registered api service v1beta1
apiService.resource api service endpoint where hook is available spotscheduling
image.repository image repo that contains the admission server banzaicloud/spot-config-webhook
image.tag image tag 0.1.0
image.pullPolicy image pull policy IfNotPresent spot config webhook service name spotwebhook
service.type spot config webhook service type ClusterIP
service.externalPort spot config webhook service external port 443
service.internalPort spot config webhook service external port 443
webhook.spotAnnotationKey annotation key of on-demand percentage
webhook.configMapNamespace namespace of configMap that holds spot info pipeline-system
webhook.configMapName name of configMap that holds spot info spot-deploy-config
webhook.schedulerName name of spot-affinity scheduler spot-scheduler
resources resources to request {}
nodeSelector node selector to use {}
tolerations tolerations to add []
affinity affinities to use {}