Chart version: 0.2.2
Api version: v1
App version: n/a
A Helm chart for Argo workflow engine
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install argo center/banzaicloud-stable/argo
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Argo Chart

This chart is used to set up argo and it’s needed dependencies through one command. This is used in conjunction with helm.

If you want your deployment of this helm chart to most closely match the argo CLI, you should deploy it in the kube-system namespace.


This chart uses an install hook to configure the CRD definition. Installation of CRDs is a somewhat privileged process in itself and in RBAC enabled clusters the default service account for namespaces does not typically have the ability to do create these.

A few options are: - Setup the CRD yourself manually and use the --no-hooks options of helm install - Manually create a ServiceAccount in the Namespace which your release will be deployed w/ appropriate bindings to perform this action and set the init.serviceAccount attribute - Augment the default ServiceAccount permissions in the Namespace in which your Release is deployed to have the appropriate permissions

Usage Notes:

This chart defaults to setting the controller.instanceID.enabled to false now, which means the deployed controller will act upon any workflow deployed to the cluster. If you would like to limit the behavior and deploy multiple workflow controllers, please use the controller.instanceID.enabled attribute along with one of it’s configuration options to set the instanceID of the workflow controller to be properly scoped for your needs.


The values.yaml contains items used to tweak a deployment of this chart. Fields to note: * controller.instanceID.enabled: If set to true, the Argo Controller will ONLY monitor Workflow submissions with a --instanceid attribute * controller.instanceID.useReleaseName: If set to true then chart set controller instance id to release name * controller.instanceID.explicitID: Allows customization of an instance id for the workflow controller to monitor * controller.workflowNamespaces: This is a list of namespaces where workflows will be ran * ui.enableWebConsole: Enables ability to SSH into pod using web UI * minio.install: If this is true, we’ll install minio and build out the artifactRepository section in workflow controller config map. * artifactRepository.s3.accessKeySecret and artifactRepository.s3.secretKeySecret These by default link to minio default credentials stored in the secret deployed by the minio chart.