Chart version: 0.6.0
Api version: v1
App version: 0.4.3
A Helm chart for anchore-policy-validator admission controller
Chart Type
Set me up:
helm repo add center
Install Chart:
helm install anchore-policy-validator center/banzaicloud-stable/anchore-policy-validator
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Anchore policy validator

This chart deploys an admission-server that is used as a ValidatingWebhook in a k8s cluster. If it’s working, kubernetes will send requests to the admission server when a Pod creation is initiated. The server checks the image, which is defined in PodSpec, against configured Anchore-engine API. If the API responds with an error, that the image is not valid according to defined policy, k8s will reject the Pod creation request.

Installing the Chart

$ helm repo add banzaicloud-stable
$ helm repo update

Deploying anchore-policy-validator using external Anchore-engine service:

$ helm install --name <name> --set externalAnchore.anchoreHost=<>  --set externalAnchore.anchoreUser=<username> --set externalAnchore.anchorePass=<password> banzaicloud-stable/anchore-policy-validator

During deploying this chart, it’s creating predefined policy bundles and activates AllowAll by default if createPolicies flag is set.

Policy bundles

Bundle Name Description
Allow all and warn bundle Allow all images and warn if vulnerabilities are found
Reject critical bundle Reject deploying images that contain critical vulnerabiliy
Reject high bundle Reject deploying images that contain high vulnerabiliy
Block root bundle Block deploying images that using root as effective user
Deny all images Deny all imagest to deploy


The following tables lists configurable parameters of the anchore-policy-validator chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
replicaCount number of replicas 1
logVerbosity log verbosity level 8 group of registered api service
apiService.version version of registered api service v1beta1
image.repository admission-server image repo banzaicloud/anchore-image-validator
image.tag admission-server image tag 0.4.3
image.pullPolicy admission-server image pull policy IfNotPresent validation sevice name anchoreimagecheck
service.type validation service type ClusterIP
service.externalPort validation service external port 443
service.internalPort validation service external port 443
externalAnchore.anchoreHost external anchore-engine host ””
externalAnchore.anchoreUser external anchore-engine username ””
externalAnchore.anchorePass external anchore-engine password ””
externalAnchore.insecureSkipVerify skip TLS Verify false
rbac.enabled enable RBAC true
rbac.psp.enabled add PSP resources if enabled false
namespaceSelector webHookConfig additional namespaceSelector behaviour {}
objectSelector webHookConfig additional objectSelector behaviour {}
createPolicies create some predifined policy bundles false